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Freshman Rep. Salazar (R-Fla. 27th) Introduces Yet Another Amnesty Bill in House

author Published by Chris Pierce

Freshman Republican Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, representing Florida’s 27th Congressional District (entirely within Miami-Dade County), has introduced another disastrous amnesty bill during the worst illegal immigration surge in the nation’s history – all while the Federal Admin. continues to willfully ignore its enforcement obligations at the border and throughout the country’s interior.

Rep. Salazar, who describes herself as a “brown girl from the hood” according to Politico, has unveiled a monstrous plan, H.R. 6637, which she promises will ‘fix the immigration system once and for all‘. She added in the interview with Politico, “I always knew that I wanted to come to Congress to do one thing: complete immigration reform. … This is the right thing to do.”

According to Politico, Salazar’s plan would be a “compromise” for both Republicans and Democrats. The Congresswoman stated that she blended up what everyone agrees upon when it comes to immigration to make a “new product” she hopes to sell to the American people.

Salazar’s “concession” to Republicans includes commonsense solutions to the border crisis “to end illegal immigration once and for all;” however, a plurality of her solutions are already mandated by federal law/Congressional allocations and yet are being ignored by the current administration. Salazar proposes congressional investments in border barrier construction – much like the Secure Fences Act, which passed nearly two decades ago.

Other initiatives include ending the dangerous practice of “catch and release” along the southern border, adding 3,000 new border agents, and investing in technology to help catch border jumpers – much like the fiberoptic border system initiated by President Trump but ended by President Biden.

Additionally, Salazar proposes increasing the number of immigration judges and providing more lawyers to deal with skyrocketing asylum cases, which she says would be dealt with on a “last-in-first-out” basis – her plan does not mention how it would attempt to weed out or prevent fraud in that process.

Finally, in an attempt to veil the true nature of H.R. 6637, Salazar puts forth the notion of nationally mandating E-Verify to make sure illegal aliens do not enter the U.S. labor market. E-Verify is a simple, accurate, and free-to-use work authentication system that combines records from the DHS, Labor Dept., and Social Security Dept. to validate a potential hire’s ability to work in the U.S. legally. While this is an important step that must be completed as soon as possible, Americans have learned to become wary of Congress’s empty promises that demand ‘Amnesty now, enforcement later.’

The most central component of aspect of Salazar’s bill is her plan to “address the undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens) in the U.S.” by granting amnesty. Salazar’s H.R. 6637 would offer an ‘earned pathway to citizenship‘ for so-called Dreamers.

For other illegal aliens, Salazar hopes to offer a long term pathway to citizenship which she has dubbed a “Dignity” path – this would offer the illegal alien a 10-year ‘temporary’ legal status, which would require a criminal background check and for the alien to pay $10,000 in restitution over that period. In a surprise twist, Salazar says that money would go into a fund “for training American workers,” the same American workers whose employment and wage prospects would be further damaged by her plan.

As another selling point, Salazar says that her bill – based on the disastrous 1986 Reagan Amnesty, the original ‘amnesty now, enforcement later’ political promise – would not include using taxpayer dollars. Instead, Salazar believes that the price tag for H.R. 6637 could be paid solely through fees and restitution payments.

Of course, this notion is contingent on three tall orders: illegal aliens that would make their restitution payments, an Administration that would follow through on charging immigration-related fees, AND more importantly, an Administration that would actually complete the task of collecting payments and fees from illegal aliens.

Rep. Salazar framed the need for her bill Politico as an insult to American workers:

We don’t have a reliable workforce. So why don’t we bring out of the shadows 11-plus million people who’ve been here for more than five years, have American kids, that have not committed a crime, and all they want is dignity?

So far, Salazar’s H.R. 6637 has six cosponsors. These Congressmen should know, if the recent history of U.S. immigration history makes one thing clear, it’s that even the promise of Amnesty leads to more illegal immigration. Not only do these actions make immigration policy subject to politics and further loosen the U.S. labor market, but they create a massive boon for Mexican Cartels and other transnational gangs already participating in the deadly business along the southern border. The cosponsors are listed below:

  • Rep. Dan Newhouse
  • Rep. John R. Curtis
  • Rep. Tom Reed
  • Rep. Peter Meijer
  • Rep. Pete Sessions
  • Rep. Don Young

For the Politico story, please click here.

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