A Maryland seafood company has settled with the Federal Government after news came out that the company hired 89 illegal aliens. As part of the settlement, the company owner, Jamie Harrington III, a resident of Dorchester Md., was sentenced to a single year of probation, given a $15,000 fine, and made to promise to use E-Verify on new hires.

As part of the deal he made with prosecutors, Harrington was cut a massive break - only being charged with a single infraction of unlawful employment of illegal aliens. Captain Phip's Seafood, Harrington's company, was issued additional punishments, including three years of probation and a small fine of $240,000 for felony visa fraud.

The unscrupulous Maryland employer was obviously not too flummoxed by his charges and no-jail-time sentence, even having the gall to ask his probation officer to "allow him to make his usual trips this year to Florida and the Bahamas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year's holidays," The Washington Times reports.

The news of this outcome, or lack of one, for Jamie Harrington and Captain Phip's Seafood, comes after the Biden Administration announced that it would halt workplace enforcement operations in exchange for going after unscrupulous employers with a proverbial heavier hammer.

In reality, the Biden Administration has stopped workplace enforcement operations - AND stopped going after employers who use illegal aliens to depress wages, undercut their competition, and strengthen the wealth divide in their community - offering wrist slaps and more finger-wagging instead.

Additionally, DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas has stated publicly and in his department memorandums that being in the country illegally is no longer sufficient to arrest or deport illegal aliens, announcing to the world that the United States' borders are open.

The Washington Times report concludes:

In the case of Harrington and Captain Phip's, federal investigators found the firm and a network of other companies cheated the legal guest-worker system, bringing in foreigners for lower-wage jobs but giving them tasks that should have commanded higher pay. That move denied Americans the chance to take those jobs at the higher pay.

Captain Phip's used at least 142 visa workers from 2013 to 2018...

And Harrington admitted he had hired other migrants who were in the country without any legal status at all… Several of the workers had even been arrested and were in deportation proceedings, but Harrington employed them anyway.

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Updated: Tue, Dec 14th 2021 @ 5:05pm EST