The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it plans to transport aliens awaiting asylum proceedings from the southern border and surrounding towns further into the country's interior. DHS said it would begin facilitating the historic border surge by transporting illegal aliens to Los Angeles in the coming weeks, reports NBC News.

The administration, as always, uses the tired and blatantly erroneous argument that their new plan would "alleviate overcrowding along the border" (while accelerating overcrowding in your community). The same southern border where Biden's disastrous immigration policies have already totally overwhelmed immigration authorities, even "at times" forcing CBP "to release migrants on the street to fend for themselves," complains NBC News.

In the absence of the practical Remain in Mexico program, which a Federal Judge ordered the administration to restart, aliens hoping to make asylum claims would typically be released to NGOs and shelters to await the determination of their claim by an immigration judge. Unfortunately, illegal aliens will often buy plane or bus tickets to cities deeper in the country's interior and disappear after being released to the shelters due to overcrowding at DHS facilities.

Under DHS's new plan, however, the administration will use federal tax dollars to complete the second step mentioned above for the aliens awaiting a determination on their asylum claims and send them to shelters deeper inside the country's interior. Essentially the complete opposite of the Remain in Mexico program.

In addition to L.A., the federal government intends to ship these aliens to shelters in Albuquerque, Houston, Dallas, and other cities. "The agency's Southwest Border Coordination Center, which combines officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA], Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE], CBP and other agencies, are coordinating the effort," reports NBC.

In an ode to the federal administration's pettiness in the face of endless crises and the embarrassing immaturity of some of DHS's higher officials, DHS has internally referred to this plan to facilitate the worst border surge in American history into the nation's interior - the Abbott Plan. The insult is in response to Gov. Greg Abbott's attempts to protect his state and citizens from the effects of Biden's uncontrolled mass immigration after the federal government abandoned Texas and all other southern border states.

"In a statement, a DHS spokesperson said "no decision has been made" about moving migrants to interior cities. "Should a decision be made," the spokesperson said, "DHS will continue to closely coordinate with and support cities and NGOs to facilitate the movement of any individual encountered at the Southwest border who is placed into removal proceedings pending the next steps in their immigration proceedings,"" concludes NBC News.

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Updated: Fri, Jun 10th 2022 @ 3:50pm EDT