The Justice Department requested a stay of D.C. Circuit Judge John Bates’ order requiring USCIS to restart DACA by August 23. Accompanying the request was a declaration by Acting USCIS Deputy Director Tracy Renaud stating the agency expects a surge of almost 50,000 applicants if DACA is restarted now. That will force USCIS to give those applications precedence over the handling immigrant and non-immigrant benefit applications.

Renaud said a surge is expected from 49,500 illegal aliens who were eligible for DACA but prevented from enrolling after the Administration rescinded it last September. Prioritizing their enrollment will, for example, delay foreign wives seeking to join their American-citizen husbands and foreign agricultural workers requested by farms.

The Justice Department filing said “It is DHS’s considered judgment that rescinding DACA best achieves the agency’s immigration enforcement policies and priorities. By preventing the Secretary from implementing her considered policy judgment, the Court’s Orders not only harm Defendants but also the public at large.”

If the judge refuses to set aside his restart order, USCIS is seeking an extension of at least 30 day to set up DACA in its original form.

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Updated: Wed, Aug 29th 2018 @ 1:55pm EDT