According to the Congressional Budget Office’s score of Democrats’ Build Back Better bill, the plan would grant amnesty to more than six million illegal aliens in the United States. Additionally, the filibuster-proof “BBB” plan will reward the millions of illegal aliens with taxpayer-funded benefits, states the CBO.

In total, the CBO stated that Biden’s BBB plan would grant a parole amnesty to approximately 6.5 million aliens illegally residing in the country, immediately rewarding them for breaking immigration law with lawful presence. If the Senate passes the bill and the President signs it, the amnesty would be, by far, the largest in history.

The CBO adds in its score of the BBB plan known by its House moniker H.R. 5376:

Many of those parolees would subsequently receive lawful permanent resident (LPR) status. A few million other people, most of whom are already in the United States, would gain LPR status through the provisions ... or as immediate relatives of those who gain LPR status under the bill.

If the measure passes, all amnestied aliens would become eligible for taxpayer-funded federal benefits, including Obamacare, Medicaid, earned income and child tax credits, food stamps, Social Security, and Medicare. Eventually, the CBO estimates that around three million of the 6.5 million illegal aliens would be eligible to become lawful permanent residents.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, BBB’s plan to do away with the requirement that children have a Social Security number for their parent to obtain the child tax credit could result in $10.5 billion being paid out to illegal aliens. In addition, while the CBO did say that rewarding millions of illegal aliens with the ability to work would increase federal revenue over the next decade - in the long run, such an amnesty would considerably add to the federal deficit.

The parole amnesty idea came when Democrats’ original amnesty push, which would have jumped straight to granting lawful permanent resident status to illegal aliens, was shot down by the arbiter of Senate rules, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough. The initial ruling from MacDonough promoted Democrats to lengthen the amnesty process by picking up the blanket parole language - allowing illegal aliens to reach LPR status later. However, it is essential to remember that the Immigration and Nationality Act mandates that parole be used on a case by case basis by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Parliamentarian's ruling on the "Plan C" parole amnesty is expected in the near future.

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Updated: Thu, Dec 16th 2021 @ 4:45pm EST