Border Patrol officers apprehended 92,607 illegal border crossers during the month of March, marking the highest number of apprehensions in a single month since May 2006. In addition, more than 10,000 migrants presented themselves at ports of entry and were deemed to be inadmissible.

More than half of total apprehensions were of family units. The 53,077 family units apprehended after crossing the border illegally is the highest number in a single month since DHS began tracking the statistic.

Nearly 9,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended in March -- the most since the border surge in 2014 when Border Patrol officers encountered more than 10,000 UACs in May and June, which prompted then-Pres. Obama to request $3.7 billion from Congress in supplemental border security funding.

Border Patrol officers have apprehended nearly 190,000 family units over the first six months of FY2019 and 35,898 unaccompanied minors. Border Patrol officers have already apprehended 76% more family units in just six months than in any other fiscal year.

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Updated: Wed, Apr 24th 2019 @ 8:20am EDT