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Black Chicago Residents Sue City Officials over Surge in Illegal Aliens

author Published by Chris Pierce

Chicago citizens recently filed a lawsuit to stop the city government from placing hundreds of released migrants in local school gymnasiums.

The lawsuit reads:

The proposed action appears to disregard the zoning laws that are in place to safeguard the South Shore community. The failure to comply with these laws poses a significant threat to the rights and interests of the residents.

The battle against housing illegal migrants in school gyms is just the latest consequence of the Biden Administration’s all-but-open border policies that have a staggering 6.5 million migrants into local neighborhoods, particularly those currently inhabited by African-Americans.

Chicago activist Jimmy Darnell Jones said at a Thursday protest and news conference:

Having over 500 people in our community will completely wipe out any interest we have.

Are you aware that there are immigrant advocates at state houses all over this country who are advocating for non-citizen voting in local elections? What if that happened here? That would change the mindset of what we, as a black community, need to thrive here in Chicago. That’s a concern of ours.

This is much bigger than the Mayor of Chicago or the Chicago Police Department. This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices even further.

“I was placed on a waitlist , but I was told that the immigrants were taking priority,” said another speaker who added:

That’s the story that a lot of people don’t know and it hurt me. I’m like, “Oh wait a minute, I understand we need to be humanitarian,” but these people are third and fourth-generation Chicagoans, born, bred, fed, and raised here. My grandmother… always said “Chris, charity starts at home first, and then it goes abroad.

Breitbart News reports that “the protesters are part of a local non-partisan neighborhood movement that has emerged from underneath the pro-migration Democrat Party” stronghold of Chicago.

“We’re fighting for our equity — we’re using their own words against them,” activist Brian Mullins told Breitbart News. Mullins, who emphasized his identity as a non-immigrant “Foundational Black American,” added that city officials are favoring the fast-growing immigrant community:

We see how employment in hiring positions — as well as the overall change in City Hall — is favoring the Latino population. Our governor, J.B. Pritzker, has even made the head of the Democratic Party a Hispanic woman when it has historically for the last two years. Now we have a Hispanic woman as the head of the Illinois Democratic Party.

We are 30 percent of the population, and 96 percent for Democrats … we’re not getting an exchange for our vote. We’re now trying to get black people to understand the vote is in exchange for resources, not just some arbitrary thing. Thirty years too late, but that’s where we start now.

According to the activists, the crux of the issue is that Federal, state, and local governments are bowing to the evil demands of big business and welcoming millions of migrants directly into districts where black Americans have significant decades building political and economic clout.

As a result, the consequences of uncontrolled mass immigration on employment, housing, safety, and quality of life are spiking black Americans’ opposition to migration.

Breitbart News compiled the following public opinion polls showing a growing national consensus that the Biden Border Crisis and skyrocketing immigration numbers have left the United States worse off.

A May 5-7 poll by Ipsos showed that only 4 percent of Americans strongly approve of President Joe Biden’s immigration policy, while 38 percent strongly oppose the policy.

A May 6-9 poll by The Economist and YouGov showed that 31 percent of black Americans say immigration has made the United States “worse off.” Just 20 percent say the policy has made the United States “better off.”

Forty-one percent of black Americans said U.S. border agents should be allowed “to deport migrants without court hearings.” Thirty-one percent disagreed. Among white Americans, 57 percent supported easier deportations, while just 27 percent opposed.

Among all Americans, the YouGov poll showed that a 35 percent plurality believe migration has made the nation “worse off.” Just 31 percent say migration has made the United States “better off.”

In March 2022, Rasmussen Reports aggregated many monthly polls to show that black voters strongly oppose the Democrats’ policy of chain migration, which is helping to cut Americans’ wages and raise their rents. The surveys included 3,130 black Americans and showed that 57 percent opposed chain migration.

You can read the complete article here.

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