President Biden’s officials within the DHS are expected to issue a new memorandum that is likely to further debilitate Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ ability to do their jobs.

This change is in response to a class-action lawsuit brought forth by a conglomeration of open-border lobbying groups; the suit demands “recourse” for illegal aliens arrested by ICE agents without a judicial warrant. These “collateral arrests” often occur during such interactions as traffic stops where agents discover an alien’s illegal status - instead of a court issuing a deportation order for a particular alien, which is then followed through by the agency.

As a result of this lawsuit, the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois approved a settlement that will further cripple ICE’s ability to arrest illegal aliens, particularly in the midwest. This is a move in-line with the current administration’s wish to abolish ICE in all ways but name.

Breitbart News reports:

Biden’s DHS is ordered to issue a new nationwide policy that requires ICE agents to consider a variety of factors before arresting illegal aliens in traffic stops and without a warrant. Particularly, ICE agents will only be allowed to make traffic stop arrests if they have reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal aliens are in the vehicle.

ICE officials will also be required to document the legal basis for each traffic stop arrest of an illegal alien and agents will have to undergo new training measures to comply with the policies.

Across the midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, and Kentucky, the new measures will allow illegal aliens arrested by ICE via traffic stop or without a warrant to seek “recourse” and be released from federal custody to disappear within the nation’s interior.

Already, the Biden administration has slashed arrests and deportations of illegal aliens thanks to the president’s ‘sanctuary country’ executive orders, which ban ICE from arresting and deporting the vast majority of the illegal alien population in the U.S. For context, in the first eight months of President Biden’s term, deportations have seen a 90% reduction compared to FY2019.

Biden’s DHS has also issued “protected areas” where illegal aliens can evade the consequences of their actions, including arrest and deportation by ICE agents. These spaces include schools, hospitals, churches, protests, rehab facilities, parades, playgrounds, and many other places.

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Updated: Fri, Jul 1st 2022 @ 9:31am EDT