According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, 81 foreign nationals on the U.S. terrorist watchlist have been stopped at the southern border since President Biden took office nearly two years ago.

Gov. Abbott stated that U.S. Border Patrol data shows agents intercepted 66 migrants attempting to cross the southern border whose names appeared on the terror watchlist so far this year; in addition, 15 more have been caught at the border since Biden’s inauguration.

For context, an average of 3 suspected terrorists were caught by officials at the border during previous administrations.

The FBI’s terrorist watchlist is a federal database that contains the names and other information of individuals who have known connections with terror groups. The list also includes individuals who could be potential threats and individuals who associate with those who are terror threats.

“The sharp rise in apprehensions of the watchlisted individuals coincides with a significant rise in overall border encounters,” the U.S. Border Patrol said.

ADW America reports:

So far in the fiscal year 2022, Border Patrol agents have encountered an unprecedented number of migrants at the southern border. Since October, more than 1.8 million people have attempted to cross the border, four times more than those who were intercepted at the border in 2020.

In a recent tweet, Gov. Abbott stated about President Biden, “His refusal to secure the border is a direct threat to our national security. Texas is stepping up to protect Americans from these dangerous criminals.”

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Updated: Tue, Sep 27th 2022 @ 1:59pm EDT