Nearly four out of five Republican primary voters in Coweta County, Georgia, expressed their support for reducing the overall immigration to the United States in response to a ballot question on Primary Day in the state.

This Tuesday, Coweta County primary voters were asked their opinions on the current amount of legal immigrants allowed into the United States - an amount that totals approximately one million new green cards issued every year, with family connections still representing the largest flow of new immigrants via chain migration (7 out of 10 new green cards).

The entire question on the county ballot read: “According to federal government statistics, the U.S. adds over 1,000,000 new legal immigrants a year on average. Should that number be reduced to 500,000 or less?”

Over 25,000 Georgians voted in the Coweta County, with similar spikes in turn-out occurring across the whole state; of those 25,000 though, more than 78% of GOP primary voters said they want legal immigration cut at least in half, and just 22% expressed that legal immigration should stay at its current levels.

Breitbart News concludes:

For decades now, over a million legal immigrants are awarded green cards annually, and another million are given temporary work visas to take American jobs. At these historically high levels, the United States is on pace to drive up the nation’s foreign-born population to a level not seen since 1890.

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Updated: Thu, Sep 22nd 2022 @ 5:25pm EDT