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188,358 Businesses Using E-Verify – Generating 5 Million Inquiries Since October

author Published by Chris Chmielenski

A new report from the Department of Homeland Security reveals that 188,358 businesses are using E-Verify at nearly 700,000 worksites. More than 50,000 businesses have signed up for E-Verify in the last six months and the number of worksites has almost doubled since January of 2009.

The number of inquiries since October of 2009 is 5.1 million. There were approximately 6 million total inquiries in all of 2008.

Arizona has the largest number of businesses using E-Verify with 33,110 businesses at 58,871 worksites. Arizona requires all businesses – public and private – to use E-Verify. Mississippi and South Carolina also have mandatory E-Verify laws in place for all businesses and have 3,039 and 4,346 businesses registered, respectively.

California has the largest number of worksites using E-Verify with 15,320 businesses using the system at 71,033 worksites. There have been 642,912 inquiries in California, second most in the nation. Missouri businesses have run 890,701 inquiries since October of 2009, most in the nation. Missouri requires all state agencies and contractors to check new hires through E-Verify.

See a map of states with mandatory E-Verify laws in place.

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