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At the request of the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) disclosed information about criminal aliens they have released since 2010, including information that shows that 124 criminal aliens were charged with homicides after being released from ICE custody.

These criminal aliens were charged with a total of 135 homicide-related crimes after they were released, two already had homicide-related convictions before being released. These numbers only include those arrested and released solely by ICE and does not count those released by sanctuary jurisdictions or by local law enforcement after ICE declined to take them into custody.

According to the report 75% of those releases were due to court orders or the alien’s home country refused to take them back, the other 25% were released by ICE’s choice.

ICE also reported to the Judiciary Committee that 156 criminal aliens were released at least twice by ICE since 2013. Combined these criminal aliens had 1,776 convictions before their first release in 2013 and have been charged with 243 additional convictions since ICE released them.

The Obama administration’s Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) has contributed to these high numbers by prohibiting ICE agents from targeting most illegal aliens for removal, unless they commit a serious crime or is considered a national security threat.

Also under the Obama administration criminal illegal aliens are given the opportunity for long, drawn-out immigration court disputes instead of faster forms of due process and deportation practices. This allows many criminal aliens to remain at large with no supervision. The numbers show that released criminal aliens are more likely to commit more crimes than they are likely to gain legal status.

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Updated: Mon, Mar 28th 2016 @ 1:50pm EDT