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The Sustainability Initiative empowers voters to achieve an immigration policy that can last.

NumbersUSA is the chief repository of immigration population research . . .  

Sprawl Studies

Quantifying the Loss of Open Space In The United States

Sprawl USA
Nevada Sprawl
North Carolina Sprawl
Idaho Sprawl
Texas Sprawl
Colorado Sprawl
Arizona Sprawl
Oregon Sprawl
Piedmont Sprawl

Every 30 seconds, a football field worth of nature in the United States is lost to development to accommodate the ever-growing number of people living inside U.S. borders. Occurring primarily near where most Americans live, these losses of natural habitat . . . 

Since 1996, NumbersUSA has been the premier organization continuing the work of several federal commissions in seeking an American immigration population future in which both human and natural inhabitants can thrive.

Looking for a speaker? Contact Rob Harding, the Sustainability Initiative’s Outreach Liaison, to organize a presentation for your group, organization, or event.

NumbersUSA has studied U.S. population growth, and the loss of natural habitat and farmland in every county in the lower 48 states, plus Hawaii. NumbersUSA offers a civil forum to discuss how the loss of open space impacts the area where you live, and engages in constructive dialogue about what can be done at the local, state, and national level to conserve the great American landscape and quality of life.