"For The Tribune's editorial board and Salt Lake City's police chief to call Senate Bill 81 inhumane and uncompassionate demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the world in which we live and just how different perceptions of morality and humanity have become.

I am sure I am considered one of those "ideologues" on Capitol Hill -- notwithstanding my wife being a legal immigrant I married in the Ukraine and with whom I experienced the immigration process firsthand, my business partner being from Ethiopia, or in passing the first human trafficking legislation in Utah, as well as other legislation to help legal refugees.

What is compassionate depends largely from whose perspective one looks. Compassion is much different from the perspectives of a potential immigrant living in a refugee camp, legal immigrants trying to help their families come here legally, a taxpayer or parent wanting a background check to mean something, or unemployed U.S. citizens trying to feed their families...."

Op-ed by Chris Herrod, Salt Lake Tribune, 12 May 2009

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Tue, May 19th 2009 @ 3:02pm EDT