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  by  Phillip Zanders

Many of you responded to my last blog stating that we need far more signatures on a petition to have any type of impact. But are you willing to help us distribute this one to truly make an impression? As “Gary6333 of NY” commented:

Four times bigger is still not enough! EVERYONE needs to push this site EVERYWHERE they go. MAKE THIS MOVEMENT GROW! 


We’re just as upset as many of you are over Speaker Pelosi’s recent comments suggesting that at least some immigration enforcement is ‘un-American’ while saluting those who advocate an end to enforcement as being ‘very, very patriotic.’

As someone sworn to uphold the public good, Pelosi should never give such a public admonishment of our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials simply for carrying out their normal job duties.

What makes Pelosi’s statement even worse is that she validates illegal immigration by classifying the promotion of the behavior as “very, very patriotic.” Illegal actions should never be considered patriotic, especially by the person second in succession to become President.

As the son of retired Air Force Sergeant, I can think of about a million other things I find more patriotic. And I’m sure many of your friends and family do also.


We’re ready to start another petition drive, this one against Pelosi’s damaging comments, to make our position in favor of immigration enforcement fully known by the President and his Administration. But we don’t want to fall short of anything other than an impressive response.

Will you help us spread this next petition not just amongst your family and friends, but to every household in America?

Our last petition to President Obama asking him to reject all amnesty proposals for illegal aliens gathered over 147,000 signatures. Even though this is more than 4 times the response of the petition sponsored by the pro-amnesty group America’s Voice, many of you commented that we would need thousands of more signatures, if not millions to make an impact.

IF THIS IS TRUE THEN HELP US!! Are you willing to genuinely get involved to make an impact?

Get started by signing our petition here. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be given the opportunity to forward it along to others.

If you have a friend who favors immigration enforcement, know ICE officials who feels as if they have had their job ridiculed and demeaned by Speaker Pelosi, or simply know someone fed up with our government’s instance to favor illegal aliens over their own citizens, SEND THEM THIS PETITION.

Let’s see if we can far surpass the 147,000 signatures from the last one.

Phillip Zanders is the Membership Development Assistant at NumbersUSA

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Updated: Wed, Jul 5th 2017 @ 2:29pm EDT

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