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NumbersUSA Grassroots Activists swarm Local Offices with 'S.T.O.P. Amnesty' Message


Yesterday was Day #1 of “S.T.O.P. AMNESTY in 4 DAYS!” to counter the Pro-Amnesty “March for America” in Washington D.C. taking place this Sunday, March 21, 2010. Thousands of our Local Power Team members visited Local District Offices with this letter and these talking points. I’ve had the pleasure of coordinating more than 200 of these meetings and rallying people across America.

I’ve received updates from our activists that I’ll be sharing here. We have more than 7,000 NumbersUSA Members ready to tell their Representatives, “Stop Amnesty!” Please email me at Jenny@NumbersUSA.com if you’ve visited an office and have details or pictures to share!

10:35am Update

  • Kristen delivered her signed letter to Rep. Wolf in Winchester, Virginia!
  • Gerry in TX-12 visited Rep. Granger and was told that she's on our side for the right kind of immigration reform!


8:55pm Update

  • Maurna from AZ-05 visited Rep. Mitchell and pressured his staff. "What I REALLY want to know is - is he committed to mandatory use of E-Verify?  Will he co-sponsor any of the 5 major immigration bills that I put in my letter?  WILL he join the - Reclaim Americans Job Caucus?" Thank you, Maurna!

7:35pm Update

  • Walter from CA-09 delivered his letter, and was told "Oh, this is perfect!"
  • Tom from South Carolina delivered his signed letter to Rep. Brown's office to a very pleasant staffer.
  • Gayle of NJ-09 visited Rep. Rothman's office in a group of 3 NumbersUSA members to deliver letters. We can look for her follow up video interview with the group on youtube!
  • Kevin of Arizona delivered 3 letters to his Representative! He was followed by another NumbersUSA member 5 minutes later. Well done, activists!

7:10pm Update

  • Paul from California visited Rep. Eshoo in Palo Alto to deliver his signed letter. He then followed up with a phone call to her immigration specialist to ask that Rep. Eshoo put 25 million unemployed Americans over illegal aliens asking for amnesty, to ask for support of the SAVE Act, and to ask for a temporary suspension of the 160,000 work visas granted per month until our unemployment rate drops. Way to go, Paul!
  • Danny in Texas delivered his signed letter to Rep. Granger, as well as a copy of her NumbersUSA report card!

5:50pm Update

  • Our Kentucky group made some waves today! Robin in KY-6 reports that a dozen activists visited Rep. Chandler and Sen. Bunning and Sen. McConnell's offices. All left letters or signed in! Great work!

5:20pm Update

  • Diane in Pennsylvania introduced Rep. Carney's office to his NumbersUSA gradecard!
  • Gene in Illinois visited Rep. Hare's office and delivered a signed letter after meeting with their immigration assistant.

5:00pm Update

  • Joanne's group in New York visited 3 Congressmen in New York City!
  • Sen. Gillibrand's office refused to send anyone to the lobby to meet them or accept their letters! They were eventually allowed to leave their letters with security.
  • Two staffers at Sen. Schumer's Office met their group of 3 and accepted their signed letters.
  • They also left signed letters with Rep. Nadler. Way to go, group!

4:35pm Update

  • Charles in NY-24 thanked Rep. Arcuri for co-sponsoring the SAVE Act.
  • Willa in Pennsylvania delivered her two signed letters to of Rep. Dahlkemper's local offices!
  • Shakil of Maryland gave his signed letters to Rep. VanHollen's office and let them know that immigrants do not always support illegal immigration and open borders!

4:25pm Update

  • Tim in Nevada told a courteous Rep. Berkley staffer that he hoped "the Congressman would put the needs of 25 million un/underemployed Americans first! 
  • Terry in Columbus, OH delivered his signed letter and spoke with Rep. Tiberi's office about supporting E-Verify.

Rep. Childers office in Mississippi

Rep. Childers office in Mississippi

3:55pm Update

  • Patrick in California visited Rep. Waxman's office and spoke with their District Director about the SAVE Act.
  • Robert in MS-01 asked that Rep. Childers "not support any forthcoming amnesty legislation in the 111th Congress!"



3:25pm Update

  • Cecil delivered her letter in a "friendly, productive" meeting in TN-04! Thanks to Cecil and the staff of Rep. Davis.
  • David in Texas delivered his letter and talking points to Rep. Ortiz's office.

3:05pm Update

  • Perry has visited Rep. Kilroy in OH-15!
  • Bob in Flint, MI delivered his letter to Rep. Kildee.
  • Richard in Massachusetts visited Rep. Markey, who's been receiving phone calls from constituents about our issue!

2:45pm Update

  • Jo Anne via facebook, "I went to Rep. Peters office in Troy, MI and was in line with my letter and behind other people that were very upset with his representation of his constituents. He was not available; however, the receptionist was kept busy with complaints."

2:35pm Update

  • Ron's crew in North Carolina is going strong- Pam just completed her visit to Rep. Kissel's office in Rockingham!

2:20pm Update

  • Ralph in Colorado has made it through snow to visit Sen. Udall and Sen. Bennet's Offices in Colorado Springs! He's currently on his way to visit his Rep. in CO-15 with fellow NumbersUSA Members!

1:52pm Update

  • Pav and Daniel in OH-15 have delivered their letters to Representative Kilroy. No to amnesty!

1:15pm Update

  • Ron W’s teams in North Carolina are on their way to visit 11 local offices in the state!
  • Joanna with NY ICE has mobilized her group to visit both Senators and her Representative!
  • Jeff in New Jersey and Tenya in Washington are visiting their Senators and Representatives.
  • Jim and Chad are in the car right now on their way to Rep. James Moran's office in Virginia. They printed out his gradecard and he has an F- on our website. Did you print out your gradecard for your office visit? Print the gradecard now!
  • Don from Indiana has his letter printed and signed and will be meeting other activists in his area for their visit.

Stay tuned, more to come!

JENNY MAGYARI is the Local Power Assistant for NumbersUSA

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