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Why I'm thankful for America, and what NumbersUSA is doing to protect what we're thankful for!


All of us at NumbersUSA can easily become focused on what's wrong with America. We believe immigration numbers are way too high and that illegal immigration is ruinous to the country.

It's true that we must quickly act to reduce today's crazy, out-of-control immigration levels. The bright side is that we still have a country people want to immigrate to!

During this Thanksgiving week, we should give ourselves permission to think about what's right with America! To name a few:

  • In America, we can worship God however we want, wherever we want, or not at all! No official religion. Nobody checking up on us. Our conscience can guide us! (And let's keep it that way!)
  • Sure, some of our elected leaders make mistakes that cost our country dearly. But as American citizens, every couple of years we have the privilege of walking into a voting booth and casting a secret ballot to un-elect the leaders that have fallen short!
  • America is the world's most bountiful land. Wonderful harvests, unbelievable natural resource, beautiful views. We should really be thankful for all we have been given, but we must also protect this beauty and these resources for the future. (What happens when we reach 500 million Americans?)
  • Think of the motto of on our money, "E pluribus unum." That means, from many people we have made ONE! Isn't that great? It's critical that immigrants who come here "buy in" to American society. But for that to happen, we can only bring in so many immigrants so fast, right?

America's values and liberties have never wavered. NumbersUSA exists to help ensure those traditions.

I'm grateful there's a group called NumbersUSA that sends 8 million faxes free of charge each year on behalf of its members. Aren't you? Hundreds of thousands of ordinary, yet informed, Americans can contact their members of Congress even though they don't even own a fax machine or have all the information on what they want to say.

How many other countries have such an organization? None I know of! NumbersUSA introduced free faxing to Congress over 11 years ago. We also have the greatest Capitol Hill team ever assembled to bring down immigration numbers. But things aren't perfect. Our success is not automatic!

Dear Mr. Robb; I received your correspondence about the amnesty problems, and was surprised to see that my last fax was in March, 2009. I thought I'd made some more recently. But, I will keep sending faxes as often as I can. I would like to make a donation to Numbers USA, but my disability is only $715 a month, and my rent takes almost half of that. This is the main thing that keeps me determined enough to keep trying. I am so glad we have NumbersUSA to help us send faxes. I'm on Medicare and Medicaid, and it irks me to no end to see what the illegals get away with. While our own citizens who need help have to "go to the back of the line" so to speak.

GOD Bless you and Numbers USA. May you keep going strong until we don't need to do it anymore. And, when I get some money ahead, maybe I can send you $5 or $10.

-- Margaret D. of Ohio

If you're thankful for NumbersUSA, please consider making a generous donation.

JIM ROBB is Vice President, Operations for NumbersUSA

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