Every candidate wants voters to think he/she would end future illegal immigration. But NumbersUSA's Roy Beck finds that of 15 candidates of both parties, only six are even making promises that rate them as "good" or "excellent" on fighting future illegal immigration. Likewise, only four of these 15 are making promises that rate them as “good” or “excellent” on reducing legal immigration, which is at its highest level in history. In the Republican race, former Senator Fred Thompson (Tenn.) and former Governors Mitt Romney (Mass.) and Mike Huckabee (Ark.) are outdoing each other to adopt policies to try to look as good as Representatives Tom Tancredo (Colo.), Duncan Hunter (Calif.) and Ron Paul (Tex.). Take a look. In the Democratic race, only Rep. Chris Dodd (Conn.) appears to be adopting more immigration reduction policies. Take a look.

Elections 2008

Updated: Thu, May 11th 2017 @ 4:39pm EDT