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We had huge success in Day #1 of our S.T.O.P. Amnesty effort yesterday with more than 7,000 NumbersUSA activists around the country visiting their local Congressional District Offices. But we can't let up on Day #2!

We need to keep up the pressure for another three days, and after hitting the local offices yesterday, today we want you to send your message to Washington D.C. Congress is in session this weekend, and there's brand new faxes waiting to be sent on your Action Board (unless you've sent them already). Send these faxes, urging your Members of Congress to oppose a mass amnesty bill!

After you've sent your faxes, visit our Facebook page. There are some great discussions and comments from yesterday's office visits on our page right now. Become part of the discussion by leaving a comment and sharing the discussions on your own Facebook page.

You can also follow our Twitter feed where our Director of Social Media Marketing Chad MacDonald is providing updates from the rallies taking place in Washington D.C. today. There's also new video on our YouTube page.

After you've sent your faxes and checked out our Facebook and Twitter pages, check out Jenny Magyari's blog from yesterday with some of the tremendous feedback we received from yesterday's office visits.

Finally, don't forget to check out our front page tomorrow for a Live Webcast of the Pro-Amnesty March taking place on the National Mall! Coverage begins no later 1:30 (but we hope to be streaming much earlier than that)!

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Website Content Manager for NumbersUSA

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