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More than 15,000 new businesses have been added to our E-Verify database today, increasing the total number of businesses to 195,885. That’s nearly 200,000 of your local restaurants, dry cleaners, car washes, and grocery stores that you can check to see if they’re protecting American jobs by only hiring legal workers.

Since Roy announced our E-Verify searchable database last week, you’ve made 64,109 searches!

There have been a couple favorites. Walmart and Home Depot topped the list of the most frequently searched companies. Hopefully, you felt a little more at ease when you found out that they both use E-Verify!

But if you searched for a company, and it didn’t show up, don’t conclude that it doesn’t use E-Verify. For example, if you searched for Walmart in Winchester, Va., our search engine won't find it since Walmart is headquartered in Arkansas. The same could hold true for most of the large corporations and chains in your area.

But you should be able to search for your locally-owned auto mechanic, florist, or other business. Just make sure you are spelling the name of the businesses correctly because our search engine is fairly sensitive.


Contact the business and ask them if they use E-Verify when hiring new employees. If they say yes, ask them what name they might be listed under in the database. Be absolutely certain they don't use E-Verify before starting a campaign against them.

When you do find a business not using E-Verify, express your disappointment in their unwillingness to only hire legal workers. Explain to them that the registration process is simple, and it only takes a few minutes to verify a new hire through the system. Plus, it gives them piece of mind should their personnel files be audited in the future.

You can also direct the business to our Workplace Verification page. We have articles there with frequently asked questions and answers, contact information on how to begin using E-Verify, and the advantages to using the system.

If the business is still not willing to sign up, start a pressure campaign until they do. Tell your friends and neighbors not to do business with that company until they agree to only hire a legal workforce. Most importantly, focus your attention on businesses you suspect are hiring illegal aliens.

Read Roy’s blog from last week to learn more about our database, and then visit our search engine and start searching for businesses who are looking out for unemployed Americans!

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Website Content Manager for NumbersUSA

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