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Every month, we get more terrible unemployment news. (Now, we hear the official unemployment rate has hit 10.2%!)

And every month, I must call on Americans to force the nation's elite leaders to answer why they insist on importing 125,000 working-age foreign citizens each month.

Below is the list of elites working against jobless Americans and their families.

If you are associated with the following groups, you need to ask your leaders to stop assaulting the unemployed Americans in their membership.

10.2% Unemployment Not High Enough -- Leaders of These Groups Want More Foreign Workers

On average, the feds are handing out first-time work permits to about 125,000 working-age foreign citizens EACH MONTH. About half of those are temporary, and about half of them are permanent work permits (green cards).

The leaders of the following groups not only approve of potentially taking 125,000 jobs away from American workers each month, they are lobbying to dramatically increase immigration numbers.

All of these groups are pushing for "comprehensive immigration reform." That means they want to give permanent work permits to around 12 million illegal aliens. It also means that they want to increase the number of legal immigrants brought in for permanent work permits by hundreds of thousands a year.

Feel free to call the phone numbers belwo and ask these elite national leaderships why they prefer giving jobs to foreign workers instead of to millions of unemployed Americans.


Every one of these large organization is pushing Congress to pass "comprehensive immigration reform" that would increase the number of foreign workers to take jobs from Americans:

Here are some smaller organizations with leaders pushing to keep American workers from having the manufacturing, service and construction jobs held by an estimated 7 million illegal aliens -- and also lobbying for increases in future foreign workers.

Don't let any of these elite leaderships off the hook.

They are in little danger of being washed out of their jobs by the immigration flood. So, it may be easy for them to posture as global humanitarians while rolling the dice on your job.

To be fair, I can't imagine that any of these leaderships are supporting "comprehensive immigration reform" to throw Americans out of work.

They aren't that evil.

But they are that callous -- so callous that they pursue their other agendas through immigration policy and refuse to pay attention to the millions of Americans and their families who are left without a job because of it.

It doesn't matter what their intentions are, the result of their support of present immigration numbers and for legislation to increase the numbers destroys the economic lives of American workers.

Our job as American citizens who are related to any of those organizations in any way is to force them to face up to what they are doing to Americans who work for a living -- or who used to.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

America's Jobless

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