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During last year's Memorial Day weekend, I offered readers of this website the opportunity to post the name of somebody who had died in uniformed service that they didn't want to be forgotten. Not only was the outpouring huge, but the short statements were meaningful glimpses that became powerfully emotional as they accumulated one on top of the other. This weekend, we are offering you the chance to read through them again in this blog -- and to post additional names in the Comments section beneath the blog.

This is how I started my blog last year:

Let's not allow Memorial Day to be a holiday of faceless, nameless, generic Americans who died in the uniformed service of their/our country.

If you would like one more place to keep the names alive of somebody you knew, please name them in the Comments section below and say a word about them, if you choose.

You can read the entire blog which tells my own story of my very common-man but remarkable father and the way he modeled honoring our fellow citizens who made the Supreme Sacrifice for their country and all its citizens:

I encourage you not only to read the postings below this blog but to click that link above and read some or all of the hundreds of postings made last year. 


Harry8492 of NY :
U.S.Navy Photographer's Mate 3c Harry Weintraub. Killed on January 21,1945 aboard the U.S.S, Hancock CV 19 Aircraft Carrier.
Posted Mon 05/30 4:32pm

Johnny6111 of IL :
Kerry dean wisdom - died in vietnam on the uss forrestal
robert goselin jr - son of a wwii veteran, died in vietnam
Posted Mon 05/30 3:13pm

Roy3129 of FL :
Theodor Kochamanis-WW-2. B-29 Navigator/Bombardier. Survived European Campaign. Lost in Berlin Air Lift, #3 engine explosion, Azores. Bodies never recovered.

Don9868 of IN :
Gene Davidson- died in Vietnam. -- Larry England my brother and a Vietnam vet, he died of cancer October 02, 2006. Thank you to all for your service and sacrifice for our country.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:19pm

Dale and Maggie6910 of KS :
Rex Gore, Private, lost his life D Day, Normandy Beach. He had been ordered to a different landing craft, away from his buddies. His landing craft took a direct hit. His brother went on to become Chief of Aerospace propulsion lab for GE, helping to develop the 1st jet engine.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:19pm

Christopher2017 of WA :
Jim Ellsworth and Bob Beaumont. Both Viet Nam vets who were high school friends. Both were quiet and humble men in the best sense.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:21pm

Teresa5310 of WA :
Donald Mack -- Navy test pilot on the Kearsarge. Body never recovered. A heartfelt thank you to my father for his service to our great country.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:22pm

Donald9821 of MO :
Fallen Buddies:
Joe Argenziano, Montclair, NJ Korean Conflict.
John Harding, Montclair, NJ " " .
Posted Mon 05/30 3:34pm

Petr1197 of WI :
Anthony L. Schneider - US Air Force. My dad. He was career AF. Served during WWII in north Africa; contracted malaria & TB. Died when I was only 2 yrs old from these illnesses. I have no independent memory of you dad, but am so proud to be your daughter. Thanks for all you did to keep our family and all the other families safe & secure.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:36pm

James2362 of GA :
Bobbie Herald Brewer,Ray Frank Long,Perry Adkins Mitchell,Gary Curtis Harwell,Junior Edward Lott,David Ray Owens, Thomas Allen Johnson and John Bruce Lyle from Athens, Alabama died in Vietnam ! My Brothers, we miss you ! Jim Burchell
Posted Mon 05/30 3:37pm

Cheryl5309 of OR :
Gordon Keith Spearman Jr. KIA 3/20/71
Airborne Ranger Co. C/75th Inf.
The love of my life... and always walked point...
Posted Mon 05/30 3:49pm

Robyn6774 of NC :
Jerry Chamberlain, great uncle, died serving in World War II, is buried in a military cemetary in France.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:51pm

Dennis0584 of AR :
James Monroe Barker, Served in WWII, Killed in action on island of Luzon in the Philippines, 1945, and buried in Manilla. He was my mother's only brother and a handsome, gentle, kind, and thoughtful man. He was also my uncle I never got to see or know growing up.
Posted Mon 05/30 3:54pm


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