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When it comes to immigration policy, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman falls basically in the run of the pack of disappointing and unhelpful Republicans showing interest in the GOP nomination for President.

Our NumbersUSA staff has run an exhaustive research of public statements and actions by Huntsman on immigration and summarized them on our Presidential Hopefuls Grid.

As with all hopefuls, Huntsman can improve his ratings and grade at any time with new and improved policy promises.


Click on the Ratings box above to see all the quotes and sources that led to the ratings.

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As you can see, the governor has some areas of great promise and also some areas where he really needs to step back and re-think everything.

Those of you who otherwise feel supportive of Gov. Huntsman should try to contact his staff and let them know the ways he needs to improve on immigration.

These are the contacts we have for now:
(407) 674-2727

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