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The open-borders lobby is wailing about Pres. Obama's health care compromise, and that seems like it should be good news on the immigration front.

They say the President is leaving all illegal aliens out of the plan. And they are calling on their activists to phone the White House to demand that illegal aliens be included.

Pres. Obama's printed outline of changes doesn't mention immigration status at all. That certainly alarmed us at first.

You may recall that the President promised last summer that illegal aliens will not be included in any part of a new national health care plan. The Senate followed that for the most part in the bill it passed (as opposed to the House bill which is wide open for illegal-alien use).

Our NumbersUSA experts on the Hill have told me that they believe the Senate bill remains operative except in the cases of changes outlined by Obama this week. That should mean that illegal aliens are excluded.

That seems to be the same conclusion over at the National Council of La Raza:

Yesterday, the White House released a plan that once again excluded proposals to adequately address high uninsurance rates in the Latino community. It missed out on a key opportunity to fix serious flaws in Senate health care reform legislation, bypassing a number of pending legislative priorities that are critical to Latinos' well-being.

U.S. Latinos should be furious with the way the National Council of La Raza equates Latinos with illegal aliens.

The fact is that the Obama plan doesn't treat Latino Americans any differently than any other Americans. But it does treat legal U.S. residents differently than illegal ones. And La Raza should keep in mind that illegal aliens aren't just Latino but come in every nationality and ethnicity.

La Raza's action alert vilifies Obama's plan for requiring verification of a person's eligibility to have access to the government health coverage.

The pro-Amnesty, pro-illegal-immigration National Council of La Raza continued its recent attacks on Obama:

Unfortunately, the failure of the White House to act on these core priorities is more of the same inaction that we have seen in the past year. It is clear to NCLR that unless Latinos speak up now, we will continue to have our priorities undermined in the future.

-- National Council of La Raza

-- ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Thu, Jun 8th 2017 @ 3:12pm EDT

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