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  by  Roy Beck

So far you haven't seen the stats in the mainstream media.  You haven't heard national politicians talking about them.  But now an extensive nationwide educational campaign on cable TV will expose Americans to two outrageous government statistics. 

And the 2 banned statistics are . . . .

  • 2.5 million Americans lost jobs in 2008
  • The federal government brought in 1.5 million new foreign workers to take jobs in 2008

On February 2, 2009, NumbersUSA with the Coalition for the Future American Worker launched the "elevator ad."

Please watch it and take the suggested actions

Without your actions, I have no doubt that the federal government will continue its shameful conduct of running an immigration system that throws hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work.

NumbersUSA has been doing everything in its power the last three months to persuade the nation's political leaders and media leaders to address this incongruous policy.


I have done dozens of newspaper interviews, always emphasizing the fact that our system is set up to bring in an average of 138,000 new foreign workers each month unless Congress and Pres. Obama make a change.

To date, I am not aware of a single newspaper that has dared to put that statistic in a story.

In fact, NumbersUSA members have sent us examples of where they have submitted letters to the editor using the number.  But the newspaper will change 138,000 to "thousands" before printing.

Friends, "138,000 a month" is an inconvenient truth that apprently is too incendiary to be allowed for public viewing.  Neither will the mainstream media or national politicians utter the aggregate (rounded-down) number of "1.5 million foreign workers brought in every year."

So, we have had to resort to an ad campaign to force these numbers into the public sphere.

You know the numbers must be powerful because the Establishment of America is committed to censoring them.

Please help us spread the word about this ad campaign.  Go look at the page with the ad on it and forward that page far and wide. 

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

America's Jobless
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