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Wonder why Washington politicians gathering in Jobs Summits on Thursday show NO interest in pushing illegal aliens out of their jobs in order to put millions of unemployed Americans back to work? A major pro-amnesty coalition has just provided one answer.

An article promoted on its website says that illegal aliens are better workers than Americans. If somebody has to be unemployed, it should be the less-desirable American workers who don't have jobs, the article says.

Unbelievable? Read on . . .

The undocumented that still have jobs, are employed because they are the best workers at their respective companies.

-- National pro-amnesty coalition website.

Got that? The pro-amnesty crowd seems to be giving up on the "jobs Americans won't do" argument, since throngs of Americans line up immediately for the jobs opened up whenever ICE happens to bother to do a workplace enforcement that drives illegal aliens out of their jobs.

Now, the argument apparently is that illegal aliens do jobs that Americans aren't any good at.

You can find the article at, the website of FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement). It is a national coalition of grassroots groups promoting "comprehensive immigration reform." (FIRM introduces the article, "Political Football and Immigration Reform: Is the GOP Playing Games With Our Economy?" as "Another great post from our guest blogger, Robert Gittelson." )

The article lashes out at 12 Republican Senators for signing a letter asking the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws so that jobless Americans can have the jobs currently held by illegal foreign workers.

(Read my much more aggressive immigration recommendations for putting Americans back to work at:

Now, more from your friendly pro-amnesty activists:

During this deep recession, virtually all companies have cut back their workforce to their best and most productive workers . . . These remaining workers are experienced, productive, and have proven their worth.

-- National pro-amnesty coalition website

Don't you see? The estimated 8 million illegal aliens holding down U.S. jobs are SOOOOO much better than American workers. Better in what way? I would say the one way that illegal workers are better is that it is easier for companies to abuse them by breaking over-time, minimum wage, safety and even anti-slavery laws.

The pro-amnesty argument also suggests that a national community's jobs belong to people who break into the community and steal them rather than to the members of the community.

OK, let's find out what the pro-amnesty crowd really thinks about the 15 million Americans looking for a job who can't find even part-time work:

The unemployed workers in this nation are unemployed for a variety of reasons . . . However, many were laid off because they were not deemed to be among the best and most productive workers at their downsized companies . . .

The Restrictionists would have us fire good, experienced, and proven – albeit undocumented workers, and replace them with citizen trainees that cannot find jobs in their respective fields . . .

-- National pro-amnesty coalition website

The article acknowledges that some American "replacement" workers might be as good as the illegal aliens booted out of their jobs.

However, this would be extremely unusual and rare. . . . Most of these new (American) workers will be less productive than the experienced and good (undocumented) workers that they will be replacing, especially in their first year of training . . . to varying degrees, most of these workers cannot possibly be expected to replace experienced (undocumented) workers without some level of productivity drop-off.

-- National pro-amnesty coalition website

Pretty degrading stuff. Does Pres. Obama really go along with it? I certainly can't see him or any other politician going to high-unemployment areas and making these points in public speeches!

Nonetheless, I will say that this nasty, demeaning attitude toward economically unsuccessful U.S. citizens is something I have encountered constantly in my 19 years of working full time on the immigration issue.

I don't think that Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi and a good share of the Republican national leadership really hate unsuccessful American workers. But I seriously suspect that they look upon them as losers and a drag on our society. The sad truth for unemployed Americans may be that the top elected leaders of their national community have a lot more admiration for the foreign thieves who stole their jobs.

QUESTION: Which elected leaders might be guilty of at least partly admiring illegal aliens more than unemployed Americans?

ANSWER: Look around at the White House and Republican Jobs Summits Thursday and see which leaders FAIL to mention immigration.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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