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New Senate Bill Is Same Old Amnesty With More Lies (as I noted on PBS NewsHour tonight)


Most mainstream media are reporting with a straight face that Sen. Reid's new amnesty outline is primarily an enforcement bill that wouldn't allow legalization of illegal aliens until our borders are secure. 

This is such a farce on several fronts, as I noted briefly on PBS NewsHour tonight.

The "Democrats-only" bill would IMMEDIATELY give 11-19 million illegal aliens the legal right to live in the U.S. and to hold a U.S. job.  IMMEDIATELY!

There are writers in both Parties on the Hill who spend most of their time creatively phrasing sections of bills to make it possible for Members of Congress to say something that is technically true but absolutely false.  And they have done a nice job of creative writing on this latest outline of the bill that pro-amnesty Senators say they will be introducing in the Senate soon.

Let me tell you how they are lying with the truth this time:

Because illegal aliens wouldn't be put on the actual path to citizenship until after certain enforcement criteria are met, Sen. Reid (D-Nev.) and his friends feel like they can say no path to citizenship until after enforcement.

They try to make it sound like legalization doesn't occur until that point.  I suppose you could say the permanent legalization doesn't happen until the criteria trigger.

But the illegal aliens get their first legalization long before the permanent one.  Almost as soon as the law would be passed, they could sign up and immediately be given the two things most of them broke immigration laws to steal:

  • legal right to work at a U.S. job
  • legal right to live in the U.S.

There is virtually nothing that can take those legal rights away from the illegal aliens once they are bestowed.

Sorry, Sen. Reid, that is not putting enforcement first.  That is putting legalization (amnesty) first.  I don't care how many years the illegal aliens may have to wait for full U.S. citizenship.

Criteria all about means and nothing about end results.

The other part of the lie is the suggestion that only after enforcement is in place to stop further illegal immigration would the path to citizenship begin.

In fact, all the criteria are about spending a certain amount of money and hiring a certain number of personnel.

Once that is done, it doesn't matter if a million illegal aliens are still coming across the border. The bill would consider the enforcement criteria met.

Of course, you and I would think that an "enforcement first" strategy would at least require the actual flow of illegal aliens to stop of be cut by a huge percentage before an amnesty would be triggered.

Not so.  The trick is just that the feds would have to show a lot of activity before granting the amnesty,. 

The good news is that no Republicans seem to be enticed to join Sen. Reid's effort to keep 7 million illegal aliens in their jobs rather than to allow 7 million unemployed Americans to get a job.

Furthermore, I am not seeing a stampede of Democratic Members in competitive races supporting the new amnesty effort.

Pres. Obama seems to realize that most Americans aren't going to buy the charade that this is an enforcement bill. The fact that he now is giving the bill very little chance to get a vote this year is a testament to the unrelenting efforts of all of you to make sure all of Congress knows that their constituents are paying attention.

-- ROY

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