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Take a look at our special Earth Day Report Cards, with grades for all 535 Members of Congress.

On this 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, a lot of politicians will claim to be champions of environmental sustainability. But many of them are actually champions of high immigration which is driving a U.S. population explosion that experts have said makes environmental sustainability impossible to achieve.

Here is what the Earth Day Report Card looks like:

Report Card

Click on the card to take you to the Report Card map to find the grades for every Member of Congress. Once on the Report Card, click on the green link near the top to see the Earth Day version.

For those of you with your own fax machines, I encourage you to print the Earth Day version and fax it to the Member of Congress (unfortunately, we don't have the capacity right now to send it through our faxing system).

Be sure to take copies of this Earth Day version in visits to local congressional offices and wherever your U.S. Representative and Senators may appear in public.

Also, take these Earth Day Report Cards to all environmental events to make sure the population side of sustainability is addressed.

What Members of Congress do about total immigration numbers is one of the most important aspects of their environmental record. Pres. Clinton's Task Force on Consumption and Population concluded that it is not possible to have environmental sustainability without dramatically reducing overall immigration to allow for a stabilizing U.S. population.

Instead, Congress has worked to destroy the U.S. environment the last 40 years by rapidly increasing the U.S. population growth.

Members of Congress earning "A-Grades" from us have earned deep 40th Anniversary Earth Day congratulations.

Members earning "F-Grades" are making the Earth Day vision of the future impossible to achieve.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


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