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Mimes' Charges Against Our Bodyguard Dropped (and here are Democrats most on the hot seat over Reid's amnesty push)



First let me give you the good news about Ben, my body guard at the big pro-amnesty March On Washington last month.

You may remember that he was led away from the National Mall in handcuffs after young women lawyers dressed as mimes brought assault charges against him. He allegedly caused a balloon ribbon burn on one of the mimes as he was pulling their balloons out of my face. The pro-amnesty blogosphere went into a frenzy about NumbersUSA's supposedly abusive and threatening tactics, using the arrest as a kind of proof.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to our legal defense fund. We were able to get Ben out of custody several hours later and then hired a top-notch attorney to represent Ben. This week, a judge threw out the charges. We have other issues in trying to protect our right of free speech, but this case involving Ben was our first priority.


Oh, my, are there a lot of Senators who are ticked off at Senate Majority Leader Reid for mouthing off last Saturday that he had 56 Democrats ready to vote for a comprehensive amnesty, just 4 short of enough to pass it.

(That meant only 3 of the 59 Senators in the Democratic Caucus are resisting the amnesty.)

You responded to my colleague Jim Robb's action request earlier this week with a torrent of phone calls and faxes to the 14 Democrats who voted NO on the Bush/McCain/Kennedy amnesty in June of 2007. After all, Reid's claim basically meant that 11 of the 14 have switched to PRO-amnesty positions.

The staffers of these 14 were mostly pretty hostile to your phone calls. Several offices just turned their phones off and switched them to recordings that said they were NOT taking messages.

Many of these Democratic staffers demanded to know of NumbersUSA activists who were spreading these rumors that their bosses had become pro-amnesty.

"Why, that would be your Majority Leader, Senator Reid," you told the staffers.

The pro-amnesty websites are saying they believe the 3 Democrats who aren't being counted by Reid as pro-amnesty are:

Byrd of West Virginia

Nelson of Nebraska

Dorgan of North Dakota

I would tend to agree that those are the three who have shown the strongest opposition in the past to rewarding millions of illegal aliens with permanent work permits while forcing millions of American workers to remain unemployed.

So, for Sen. Reid to be telling the truth about 56 Democrats backing his amnesty, the following 11 Democrats would have to have changed from NO on amnesty in 2007 to YES on amnesty in 2010 -- during 10% unemployment:

Arkansas -- Sen. Pryor

Indiana -- Sen. Bayh

Louisiana -- Sen. Landrieu

Michigan -- Sen. Stabenow

Missouri -- Sen. McCaskill

Montana -- Sen. Baucus

Montana -- Sen. Tester

New Mexico -- Sen. Bingaman

Ohio -- Sen. Sherrod Brown

Vermont -- Sen. Sanders (Independent)

West Virginia -- Sen. Rockefeller

Here's the deal, folks. Either Sen. Reid was just making things up when he claimed he had commitments from 56 Democrats, or a lot of these offices are lying to their constituents.

Now is not the time to let up on the pressure on the 11 Senators listed above. Phone them until you get flat promises that they will not vote for "comprehensive immigration reform" that legalizes illegal aliens this year.

202-224-3121 is the switchboard number.

All of these 11 Senators believed in 2007 either that an amnesty was bad policy or that they needed to bend to the will of their constituents who opposed amnesty.

Sen. Reid is indicating that every one of these has changed his/her mind and turned against you and the majority of voters in their states.


Reid's claim of 56 Democratic votes for an amnesty means that every single new Democrat added to the Senate after 2007 is pledged to an amnesty.

That would be:

Alaska -- Mark Begich

Colorado -- Michael Bennet

Colorado -- Mark Udall

Delaware -- Ted Kaufman

Illinois -- Roland Burris

New Hampshire -- Jeanne Shaheen

New Mexico -- Tom Udall

New York -- Kirsten Gillibrand

Jeff Merkley (Oregon)

Virginia -- Mark Warner

Is the image that these freshmen want to portray to their voters one of putting illegal aliens at the front of the jobs line and unemployed U.S. citizens at the back of the line?

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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