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You can put unemployed Americans back to work if you start using our database to pressure employers in your local area to use E-Verify.

Yes, you as an individual citizen. 

You don't have to wait on Congress to pass the SAVE Act. Look for businesses that appear to be hiring illegal aliens, check our database and then start building the public shame that the business is keeping open the option to hire illegal aliens over U.S. workers.

We have the entire E-Verify database on our website. You can look up any business, non-profit or government to see if it is using E-Verify to ensure that jobs go to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

 Look up any employer here: 

If a local employer is NOT using E-Verify, you can express your disappointment and begin a pressure campaign until the employer signs up.

Keep in mind that any employer who is not using E-Verify is at the least keeping the option open to be able to hire illegal foreign workers in the future -- and quite possibly is doing so now.

Only if the employer is using E-Verify can you know that there is a good faith effort to reserve scarce jobs for U.S. workers. The employers on this list are the patriot businesses.

We have the entire E-Verify database on our website. You can look up any business, non-profit or government to see if it is using E-Verify to ensure that jobs go to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

Just remember that most of the illegal aliens in your community are there because somebody not using E-Verify is giving them jobs.

You can make it socially unacceptable in your community to hire illegal aliens. You don't have to prove that the hiring takes place. You just have to prove that an employer isn't using E-Verify. We provide the proof. Then make the refusal to use E-Verify a sign of willingness to hire illegal aliens.

If you are an employer and are not yet signed up for E-Verify, please do so immediately so you can avoid the embarrassment of having your fellow NumbersUSA members targeting you. NumbersUSA has been using the system for years. It takes about a minute to run a new hire through the system. But either you or one of your employees will have to spend 3 or 4 hours at the beginning to get you registered. It is so worth it. Plus, don't you want to set an example?

Our website editor, Chris Chmielenski, notes that you should not make immediate assumptions if you don't at first find an employer in our database:

"Our search engine is very particular, so if you don't find a company, it doesn't necessarily mean they're not using E-Verify. For instance, food distributor FreshPoint is all one word, so they won't come up if you insert a space between the two words. Another common error could come up when searching for franchises. Your local McDonalds is likely owned and operated by a business group that is not located in your city, and they may not have the word 'McDonalds' in their title."

So what do you do?

You first phone, write or personally visit a business and note that you don't find them listed with DHS as using E-Verify to screen out illegal aliens. Ask them if they are listed under another name or is it true that they don't use E-Verify.

That is very civil and is a great way to open up the issue.

Focus on businesses you suspect of hiring illegal aliens. These are the ones that are really angering you, aren't they? Look up all of those and start contacting them. It won't take much for you to be sure they aren't using E-Verify. At that point, do all you can to publicize the apparent willingness of the business to employ illegal foreign workers instead of U.S. workers.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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