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While the current proposal is short on details, Rosemary Jenks has reviewed it and tells me it is basically the same sweeping amnesty we defeated in 2007 with "updated" language to re-brand the amnesty.

We had hoped that the new voices of Senators Rubio (R-FL) and Lee (R-UT) [both members of the so-called Senate "Gang of Eight"] would bring some new perspective to an immigration proposal so we were especially disappointed to see the Amnesty 2.0 proposal be nothing more than a rehash of the failed 2007 amnesty. (UPDATE: We were pleased yesterday, however, to see Senator Lee's statement that he is unable to endorse the Gang of Eight's proposal).

Indications are that many in the House are posed to embrace the Gang of Eight's proposal or President Obama's proposal too. This morning Rep. Diaz Balart (R-FL) and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) told CNN the only question left is how to accomplish the "path to citizenship."

It's hard to imagine a more wide-sweeping amnesty than the proposal the Gang of Eight has outlined. AgJOBS and the DREAM Act would be effective immediately. While other illegal aliens would have to get in line behind those waiting legally for a green card, they will eventually receive a green card. Legal status, jobs and other benefits will be available almost immediately. Virtually every illegal alien in the United States would benefit from Amnesty 2.0.

Phone to oppose the amnesty today! Call you Three Members of Congress today at (202) 224-3121.

So-Called Enforcement Measures Meaningless

Much of the initial media coverage of the amnesty proposal has focused on the so-called enforcement measures, leading the public to believe somehow that effective, strong, enforcement measures are included in the proposal.

The so-called enforcement measures proposed in the Senate plan are clearly not designed to work as triggers however. At the same time that the so-called "triggers" are being created, illegal aliens would be free to come forward and get legal status.

The Senate proposal includes creation of a new system of workplace enforcement. Perhaps the Senators are not aware that an effective electronic employment eligibility verification system already exists and is used by hundreds of thousands of employers nationwide: E-Verify. Anyone who is serious about workplace enforcement would endorse immediately mandating use of E-Verify nationwide rather than suggest studying, creating, and implementing a new system would take years to go into effect.


Things are changing quickly as new information is released. We will keep you up-to-date and provide you with new action opportunities whenever appropriate.

In the meantime, your voice opposing amnesty joined with the 1.3 million other NumbersUSA activists, will create an anti-amnesty chorus in the halls of Capitol Hill this week.

Together we can change their tune.

ANNE MANETAS is the Deputy Director of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Wed, Mar 19th 2014 @ 5:00pm EDT

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