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  by  Anne Manetas

While the current proposal is short on details, Rosemary Jenks has reviewed it and tells me it is basically the same sweeping amnesty we defeated in 2007 with "updated" language to re-brand the amnesty.

We had hoped that the new voices of Senators Rubio (R-FL) and Lee (R-UT) [both members of the so-called Senate "Gang of Eight"] would bring some new perspective to an immigration proposal so we were especially disappointed to see the Amnesty 2.0 proposal be nothing more than a rehash of the failed 2007 amnesty. (UPDATE: We were pleased yesterday, however, to see Senator Lee's statement that he is unable to endorse the Gang of Eight's proposal).

Indications are that many in the House are posed to embrace the Gang of Eight's proposal or President Obama's proposal too. This morning Rep. Diaz Balart (R-FL) and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) told CNN the only question left is how to accomplish the "path to citizenship."

It's hard to imagine a more wide-sweeping amnesty than the proposal the Gang of Eight has outlined. AgJOBS and the DREAM Act would be effective immediately. While other illegal aliens would have to get in line behind those waiting legally for a green card, they will eventually receive a green card. Legal status, jobs and other benefits will be available almost immediately. Virtually every illegal alien in the United States would benefit from Amnesty 2.0.

Phone to oppose the amnesty today! Call you Three Members of Congress today at (202) 224-3121.

So-Called Enforcement Measures Meaningless

Much of the initial media coverage of the amnesty proposal has focused on the so-called enforcement measures, leading the public to believe somehow that effective, strong, enforcement measures are included in the proposal.

The so-called enforcement measures proposed in the Senate plan are clearly not designed to work as triggers however. At the same time that the so-called "triggers" are being created, illegal aliens would be free to come forward and get legal status.

The Senate proposal includes creation of a new system of workplace enforcement. Perhaps the Senators are not aware that an effective electronic employment eligibility verification system already exists and is used by hundreds of thousands of employers nationwide: E-Verify. Anyone who is serious about workplace enforcement would endorse immediately mandating use of E-Verify nationwide rather than suggest studying, creating, and implementing a new system would take years to go into effect.


Things are changing quickly as new information is released. We will keep you up-to-date and provide you with new action opportunities whenever appropriate.

In the meantime, your voice opposing amnesty joined with the 1.3 million other NumbersUSA activists, will create an anti-amnesty chorus in the halls of Capitol Hill this week.

Together we can change their tune.

ANNE MANETAS is the Deputy Director of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Wed, Mar 19th 2014 @ 5:00pm EDT

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I called both Senators for Tennessee. GOt through for both and asked why they wan to end the republican party by giving citizenship to 11 million illegals 80% will vote democrat. Gotta hit them where they work.
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Got voice mail for TX Senator Cornyn too and left a detailed message (not a liv,e body in office for the State of TX, just voice mail)

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I reached C&C's Houston offices. Cruz's aide was very non-committal. Not good. He'll be a Judas if he backstabs all the grassroots activists that helped him in the primary.

Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture
Okay, Carol, I followed suit and grilled lawyer style Senator Cruz's aide in Houston (made him cry I think). I tried to force him to give me a stance on e-verify, birth tourism, the gang of 8, anything. Aide wimped and told me until a "bill is release, we can't take a stance although Senator Cruz champions immigration reform just not broad based" and I responded say what. .. and he repeated something similar and I said well we live in a border state, what is Senator Cruz's stance and I got. .Ma'am we have to wait to see what the bill states and there is no bill and I responded so why can't Senator Cruz be proactive and not reactive and tell us where he stands being from a border state and I got a long sigh and a Ma'am listen to me, we have to wait for a bill to be released. . . No guts Benedict Arnold Cruz is not on the side of American citizens from what I can tell and is afraid to tell us. I wouldn't be suprised if the Houston office goes on voice mail after I was done
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If he were truly against amnesty or any other code word, he would come out and say it. Pete Olson's aide didn't even hesitate to say that he was against it. Good to hear about Culberson. He's always been on our side of the fight. Ted Poe, who used to be a vicious opponent of amnesty has caved. I guess the big business cheap labor lobby got to him. I'm calling all these guys every day this week.
Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture
Got a real live person in Rep Culbertson's office (Houston) in DC too--shock. I was assured Rep Culbertson is against this version of amnesty.
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I called Portman and Boehner left a msg with Portmans office because that's all i could do. I told Boehners staff what i told Portman I want them both nose to nose , toe to toe against this president. And not to expect my vote unless I see leadership in the OPPOSITE OBAMA direction. Im sick of all these people.!!!!

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Automatic green cards for PhDs and Masters in STEM field - this is more disastrous than the amnesty which at least keeps people who are already here. This provision can add 500,000 green cards a year and wipe out all Americans from all technical fields as universities scramble to admit only foreigners in grad schools. Think of your kids - what will be they do for a living? At best they will be relegated to lower level fields in their own country. Rubio is done.
Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture
Well I scared the Houston office of Cruz enough that some staffer with a DC number (after I had reached voice mail) just called me and its more of the same, we have to wait for a bill nonsense to take a stance and we support enforcement before anything else and something about our broken immigration system needing to be fixed and wants to be part of the conversation (not a proactive bone here). Lady DC staffer also asked if there was some group putting out he supports amesty and then I turned loose on her asking for answers and still got none. I think I made her cry too like I think I made the Houston aide for Cruz did. No backbone in this Senator. .
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You go girl. I may actually go to Cruz's Houston office in person this week, even though it's downtown. During the last amnesty battle, I was on a first name basis with Cornyn's Houston staff because I stopped in during lunch once a week.
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Aren't Senators Rubio (R-FL) and Lee (R-UT) both members of the Tea Party? How can the Tea Party justify costs that an amnesty will bring with it?
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They used the Tea Party to get elected, but once there, they became a part of the elite RINOs. If you dig into Rubio's background as FL speaker, he stopped all enforcement bills from coming to the floor. He's just a puppet for Jeb Bush.
Charles 6039 of NC's picture

And this was the most fustrating thing about the Bush gang. They pushed amnesty probably thinking that doing so would help with hispanics. This is all politics though!

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Sen. Lee was in the original negotiations, but he pulled out when he saw the direction of the proposal. Rubio is still in the negotiations so please continue to call him. He still has influence and needs to hear from you.

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I called my Senators and Congressman and hope they will not support this. Sen.Casey's office said he doesn't support Amnesty. I said, you can change the name to anything you want, it is still amnesty. Change the name and it makes it different!! I think Lou Barletta will not support this. His support against amnesty is always very high. Sen Toomey is a toss up.

Carol 4374 of TX's picture

A friend who lives in Sheila Jackson Lee's district just emailed me this about Cruz and Cornyn:
"I called them both and they both were overwhelmed." He's not going to bother to call her.

Glenn 3669 of MI's picture
I recently heard a prominent Rep. say for every call or other kind of contact a Congress person gets they presume there's at least 50 others in their district and even more in state if Sen. that feel the same. So absolutely contact all the lawmakers you can- it Does Have An Impact!!
Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture
Well Cruz issued a statement it seems late this afternoon after our calls Carol. . haven't read it yet. Just saw it come up on the google alert
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I just finished calling my three congressmen. I called the D.C. and local offices of Senator Bennet (on committee) and Udall even though I know they are a lost cause. I also called Rep Lamborn's offices as well. Normally, I can depend on him being against any amnesty. But when I made that assumption with the office intern today, there was only silence. So I then asked the question. The intern said she was not sure and would have to check to see what Rep. Lamborn's stance was. I thought , "no problem- new intern- the answer will be definately against amnesty". The aid came back on the line and stated that Rep. Lamborne has not let his position be known. This sounds bad. I could always count on him in the past. Has anyone else called his D.C. office and if so did you get similar feedback/impression?
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Charles 6039 of NC's picture
So John McCain is apart of the GANG OF EIGHT? I knew I smelled a rat. But then again McCain was a RINO to begin with. He and Romney NEVER were conservatives which was why they were beaten and the fact that the Republican Party is moving away from the right is beyond me. They should be opposed to this garbage regardless of how they word it.
Milton 5980 of CA's picture
I would call Boxer and Feinstein, but it would do little good. They are both in the pockets of big ag. Two Fs pretty much says it all.
Van 0864 of VA's picture
Please try to call anyway. They need to hear their constituents oppose this even if it doesn't end up changing their opinion. We should never give them a free ride.
S. K. 4353 of CA's picture
They are my Senators too, even though I know they are both useless as is my Congressman. However, I remember that during the 2007 scamnesty attempt. we did manage to get Boxer to cast a crucial vote against cloture, so from that, I deduce that Boxer is the most pressure-sensitive. Keep calling and faxing.
Joseph F. 7412 of UT's picture
Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has never been a member of the so-called "gang of eight." I also find it ironic that AZ Governor Jan Brewer and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio are represented by two "RINO's;" McCain and Flake. If these two senators would stand with Governor Brewer and Sheriff Arpaio, the Arizona border problem would be well-on to being solved!
Kathleen 8719 of NC's picture
There was a piece on The Hill today saying that Lee came out and stated he does not agree with the 'framework' from the gang of 8.
Chris 6203 of VA's picture
We've updated the blog. Sen. Lee was in the original negotiations, but he pulled out when he saw the direction of the proposal.
Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
Rep Pearce (author of SB1070) & Sheriff Joe helped AZ Gov Jan Brewer get elected & they gave advice on budget balance. At Republican functions, Sheriff Joe & McCain don't attend at same time. They attend different Republican routes. Flake's Mormon and I wonder if his views are from Mormon religon. Anyways, Flake was picked by old guard Republican party as candidate. We had no choice.
Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
Go to Gov Jan Brewer facebook site of this Mon nite statement after John McCain call to her. Several commenters responded to her with No Amnesty. Securing border should have no conditions.Don't trust AZ McCain or AZ Flake.
Carol 4374 of TX's picture
I just saw this. It really doesn't bode well. "Despite such concerns, the change in the political environment is genuine. Trey Gowdy, a second-term Republican who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee, is known as a hawk on illegal immigration. Yet he told a newspaper in his home state of South Carolina that he wants a system that reflects “the humanity that I think defines us as a people, and the respect for the rule of law that defines us as a republic.” If that’s the standard Congress maintains for immigration reform, millions will be on a path to citizenship, and the nation will be on the high road to success."
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Carol 4374 of TX's picture
Even though I'm in Texas, I plan on calling his office and that of Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. I remember the battle of 2006/2007 and you have to contact the major players in this war, not just your own reps. I also try to call and thank those who've taken a stand on our side.
Lance 6170 of WA's picture
The good news is it is basically the same fringe Senators who are peddling this thing as last time around. Don't worry too much about all the members of Congress sitting on the fence. They just want to figure out whether they will lose their jobs if they support this thing. It is our job to let them know that they will indeed.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
Lance, you are exactly right. Members of Congress may not see reason, but we have to make sure they see that if they support this nonsense the next election is a train coming down the tracks and they are looking right at that big light in front. If Republicans abandon the American people on this, what good are they? And Democrats in swing districts and states are just history.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
I will make my three calls and I will be ready to make more. Paradoxically, the worst legislation in this country is often bi-partisan. The involvement of both parties gives the worst knaves of both the cover they need to do their worst to the American people. In his inaugural speech Obama referred to a "borderless world." That's what he wants and it is what this Comprehensive Immigration Reform would create. The borders would remain just as open and workplace enforcement would be abandoned. Any person who is IT savvy will tell you that Schumer's idea for a "fraud proof" identity card for workplace verification is a joke. Stopping this thing will be the fight of the decade and it will be tough, but our country's future is on the line.
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Joel 4083 of PA's picture
If we listen to the press and to legislators on tv and in print, we might conclude that the battle is lost and that amnesty is at hand. I would like to ask our friends at Numbersusa to help us put together a list of elements that must be included in any bipartisan plan. These might include: fixing the broken 14th amendment, making it a felony with a $100,000 fine and prison, to knowingly hire an illegal, manditory E-Verify for all jobs, reparation to taxpayers for education, healthcare and public programs used and abused by current illegals, etc. We need to piece together the list and get it to our legislators, the press, and the American people. I beleive the amnesty war is lost but we can make sure our voices are heard on what we want to see in "comprehensive immigration reform".
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