It's been almost two months since the government mandated that federal contractors check the eligibility status of new hires using E-Verify, and in the border city of San Diego, it's receiving high marks.

The federal mandate requires all businesses with federal contracts of at least $100,000 and lasting longer than 120 days to use E-Verify. San Diego shipbuilders and defense industries receive lots of contracts, and it's proximity to the Mexican border makes it susceptible to illegal workers.

"It has run smoothly for us," Karl Johnson, spokesman for San Diego shipbuilder General Dynamics NASSCO, said in an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune. "Shipbuilding takes a lot of people, and the system has helped us with the hiring process."

There are currently more than 160,000 businesses using E-Verify with close to 13,000 of them in California. In the recently passed Homeland Security spending bill, Congress re-authorized E-Verify for three more years.

For more information, see the San Diego Union-Tribune. You can also search for companies using E-Verify on our searchable database.

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Updated: Wed, Dec 30th 2009 @ 10:25am EST