Lawmakers in Arizona have clarified the new immigration enforcement law, SB1070, amidst claims that the new law would lead to racial profiling. The version of the law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer said that law enforcement officials could check immigration status if they had "reasonable suspicion" if the officer had already made legal contact. The law now says that police can only ask for proof of legal residency after making an official stop, arrest or detainment.

Lawmakers also changed the wording of the section that prevents officers from enforcing the law based "solely" on race. The word "solely" has been removed, so officers can't use race as a factor at all.

"It absolutely clarifies what the intent was," said Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Gov. Brewer. "It's undeniable now that this bill will not lead to racial profiling."

For more information, see the Los Angeles Times.

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Updated: Wed, Jul 28th 2010 @ 12:54pm EDT