Ohio State House
Ohio State House


Twelve states have some form of mandatory E-Verify legislation in place and now Ohio is looking to add another state to the list. State Rep. Courtney Combs introduced legislation yesterday that would require both public and private companies to use the successful workplace verification tool.

House Bill 184 goes beyond just E-Verify. The bill would also require jails to make "reasonable efforts" to verify inmates' immigration status, give judges authority to consider immigration status during bail hearings and ban local municipalities from passing ordinances that forbid local law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal law enforcement agencies.

"Using the E-verify system will ensure that foreign lawbreakers are not taking jobs from legal Ohioans," Rep. Combs said.

See our map of states that already have mandatory E-Verify laws in effect.
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Updated: Wed, May 20th 2009 @ 10:20am EDT