Rep. John Boozman
Rep. John Boozman


Rep. John Boozman (R.Ark.) received more than 50% of the vote in Tuesday's Republican Senatorial Primary, avoiding a run-off and winning the party's nomination for the Senate seat currently held by Blanche Lincoln. Rep. Boozman holds a career A-grade and completed a NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction Survey, agreeing with NumbersUSA on all our key issues.

Rep. Boozman will face either incumbent Senator Blance Lincoln (D-Ark.) or Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter. Neither candidate received more than 50% of the vote in Tuesday's primary. The run-off is June 8.

Rep. Boozman is a distinguished member of the NumbersUSA "5-for-5 Club" because he has sponsored the five immigration bills most important to NumbersUSA - the SAVE Act, the Visa Lottery elimination bill, the Birthright Citizenship bill, the CLEAR Act, and the Chain Migration bill.

Rep. Boozman has served in the House for eight terms, and has scored an A or better in eight of the 10 possible categories.

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