Last week, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) wrote an op-ed for The Hill concerning the DREAM Act amnesty.  Rep. Smith said:

The DREAM Act represents a dual assault on law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens and legal immigrants....  First, the DREAM Act allows public universities to grant illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates. So it tells parents who have sent their children to out of state colleges that they will have to pay higher tuition bills than illegal immigrants.... Second, the DREAM Act will grant amnesty to illegal immigrants no matter how old they are now as long as they claim to have come to the U.S. before age 16, been here for five years and graduated from high school.

Rep. Smith also notes that there were numerous cases of fraud in the aftermath of the 1986 amnesty and there is no reason to believe that fraud would not occur if the DREAM Act amnesty were to pass.

Rep. Smith goes on to bring up perhaps the most dire repercussion of the DREAM Act: the chain migration avalanche that would certainly follow.  Once an illegal alien "student" is amnestied, he/she can sponsor his/her illegal relatives so they can receive green cards.  This would create a tsunami of new, unneeded immigrations -- many of whom already live in the United States illegally.

Click here to read Rep. Smith's op-ed in full.

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Mon, May 17th 2010 @ 1:33pm EDT