Sen. Jeff Sessions
Sen. Jeff Sessions


Last week, Sen. Jeff Sessions stood up for unemployed Americans during a floor speech in the Senate. The Senate Gang of Eight that's working on a bipartisan "comprehensive immigration reform" bill are working out the details on an expansive guest-worker program that could allow temporary workers to qualify for a green card after one year. Sen. Sessions said a guest worker program would hurt unemployed Americans, especially the most vulnerable Americans.

"We have an immigration policy that says we have jobs but we don’t have enough workers," Sen. Sessions said. "That is what the businesses are telling us. We don’t have enough workers. They all ought to add—when they send us that message, they ought to say: And by the way, you need to give more welfare and more aid to people who don’t have jobs. Now, what is the disconnect there? 

"We need to be protecting American citizens who are here, out of work, and hurting today—minorities, Blacks and Whites and all colors and races that are hurting today with high unemployment, but we seem to be more focused on how we can ram through this Senate a bill that would legalize millions and create an even more robust guest worker program. There are not enough jobs now. Give me a break."

According to a report in the Daily Caller, the unemployment rate for Adult Black Males without a high school diploma is over 50%. Illegal aliens that receive an amnesty through a "comprehensive immigration reform" bill or low-skilled guest workers allowed into the U.S. as the result of a bill would compete directly with these unemployed Americans for jobs.

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Updated: Thu, Mar 28th 2013 @ 8:23am EDT