During a press conference on Wednesday, Pres. Obama declined to comment on a question asking if we would veto a clean E-Verify bill. During his time in the White House, Pres. Obama has maintained that he would veto any immigration enforcement legislation that did not provide an amnesty to illegal aliens. Some Democrat lawmakers have said that they would offer the DREAM Act as an amendment to Rep. Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2164).

In declining to comment, Pres. Obama recognizes the unique situation a mandatory E-Verify bill presents to him. On the one hand, it's an enforcement-only bill, but on the other hand, it's a bill that would help put millions of unemployed Americans back to work.

"Seven million jobs could be opened up by this bill," NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said. "We’re talking a real dent in the unemployment numbers. … I think the president knows that when this bill comes to his desk, that’s the way it’s going to be phrased. 'Are you going to veto this bill and refuse to give these jobs to unemployed Americans?' He’s going to try like crazy to attach an amnesty bill, but if it gets to his desk clean, he’s going to sign it."

The Legal Workforce Act would require 99% of employers to begin using E-Verify within two years of enactment. The proposal also allows businesses to run all their current employees through E-Verify, which is currently prohibited under federal law. Other provisions in the bill require the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security to find illegal aliens holding jobs, but working for companies that choose not to run their existing employees through E-Verify. Businesses will be required to check individuals identified by the federal agencies through E-Verify and fire any employees that are not cleared by the system.

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Updated: Tue, Jul 5th 2011 @ 12:27pm EDT