A new survey conducted by Gallup finds that a plurality of Americans favor reducing overall immigration levels. The poll released earlier today reveals that 43% of Americans thing overall immigration should be reduced while only 18% think overall immigration levels should be raised. Thirty-five percent of Americans feel that immigration levels should remain the same.

The results of this most recent poll are consistent with results from a similar poll taken back in 2002, and the numbers have remained basically the same in every year since 2002.

Both Republicans and Independents favored lowering overall immigration numbers. Democrats were split with 37% supporting reducing overall numbers or keeping them the same. But only 21% of Democrats favored increasing immigration levels.

Every age group also favored lowering overall immigration levels with the majority of Americans over the age of 65 (55%) favoring lower numbers.

Respondents were also asked about their educational attainment, and every group except for those with postgraduate degrees preferred lower immigration numbers. But even only 18% of those with a postgraduate degree favored increasing overall immigration numbers.

For the poll's full results, click here.

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Updated: Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 @ 2:18pm EDT