Gov. Bobby Jindal
Gov. Bobby Jindal


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed two pieces of legislation into law on Thursday that will require or encourage businesses to use E-Verify. HB342 requires all state and local contractors to use E-Verify, while HB646 requires all private businesses to verify the legal status of their new hires by providing employers that use it a safe harbor against sanctions.

Louisiana becomes the sixth state to pass E-Verify since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of state enforcement of E-Verify earlier this year. Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Indiana have also passed E-Verify bills. Plus, Virginia passed legislation earlier this year.

HB342 was introduced by Rep. John Bel Edwards. The bill requires any business doing business with state or local governments to use E-Verify and continue using the system through the term of the contract. It also makes state contractors responsible for subcontractors that they hire as a result of the state or local contract. Contractors that don't comply with the law will lose their current contract, will face a three-year probation on future contracts, and will be required to reimburse the public entity for any costs incurred in the reassignment of the contract.

HB646 was introduced by Rep. Kirk Talbot. The bill prohibits all private employers in the state from hiring illegal aliens and sets fines for knowingly hiring illegal aliens that match current federal fines. Employers must choose to either use E-Verify or check multiple forms of identification from the new hire, which must be kept on file. The bill states that employers that chose to use E-Verify to check the status of new hires have acted in "good faith" and are protected from prosecution. Employers who are found to have knowingly hired illegal aliens face fines for the first two offenses and suspension of their business license for the third offense.

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Updated: Mon, Oct 2nd 2017 @ 4:05pm EDT