Rep. Phil Gingrey
Rep. Phil Gingrey


Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) has introduced H.R. 477 that would would eliminate the extended family visa categories (e.g., married sons and daughters of citizens, etc.), thus ending “chain migration” as recommended by the bi-partisan Barbara Jordan Commission in 1997. Current immigration law allows U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to sponsor non-nuclear, adult family members, creating an endless chain of mass legal immigration. 

H.R. 477, which is one of NumbersUSA's top legislative priorities, would reduce the annual issuance of family-sponsored visas by more than 100,000. The impact wouldn't only be felt immediately, but would have a major impact on future immigration numbers.

"Chain migration categories multiply every mistake made in the immigration system and ultimately are responsible for more than half of all immigration," NumbersUSA President and CEO Roy Beck said. "And they cause much of illegal immigration by enticing millions of foreign citizens to believe that they eventually have a right to come to the U.S. so why not just come illegally and wait for their time."

Rep. Gingrey's bill would also eliminate the parents category, and instead, create a renewable visa class for the parents of U.S. citizens. However, the parents would not be eligible to work in the United States and a U.S. citizen son or daughter would have to provide satisfactory proof that they can financially support their immigrant parents, including proof of health care coverage while the parents are residing in the United States.

Check your Action Board for a fax to your Congressperson, urging them to co-sponsor H.R. 477.

Chain Migration

Updated: Tue, Sep 29th 2015 @ 2:14pm EDT

Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Thank you Rep. Gingrey! I'm glad to see movement on the thorny issues involved in illegal immigration. If we could eliminate chain migration and birthright citizenship, it would lower the number of people entering our country illegally drastically.
Hiram 3855 of GA's picture
Send all illegals back over the fense, put our troops on border to guard it. Put people we can trust in goverment. If not we will lose our country.
Florence 0183 of NJ's picture
Rep. Gingrey's bill is even better than I imagined...This is a great bill because it allows for the son's and daughter's to be financially responsible for their parents...Good job!
Gene 1925 of IL's picture
If this so called Gang of 8 and the President is seruious about Immigration Reform this & the Everify bill and several bills should be included to make any bill actually wholly Comprehensive. But yes they want to say it's Comprehensive but want to pick and choose what portions of the problems they actually care to address and fix. So is there any seriousness here by the President of Gang of 8 Open Borderers, oh, I mean of 8.
Gene 1925 of IL's picture
Thx Rep Gingrey I will calling to say thanks, and congrats on your A- Grade with NumbersUSA for Common Sense Immigration Reform. (His Grade will Probably improve also from this bill, I spect : )
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
I want to thank Rep. Phil Gingrey for bringing it up. It would be a very good tool to stop a lot of illegal aliens to bring additional immigrants endlessly into this country. The combination of The End of Chain Migration and The End of Birthright Citizenship would be a very powerful tool. We need it badly. It would certainly give every illegal alien and dream act child a hard time.
Robert 2185 of GA's picture
This is the bill Obama should push Congress to pass within six months, not the amnesty bill . Where are the conservationist and environmentalist pushing the limited USA resources argument? I guess they are waiting until after amnesty is passed then present talking points of pushing American citizens out to relieve the stress on natural resources.
Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
Rep Gingrey writes End Chain Migration bill which people who educate themselves on subject want this passed. I wonder if the average citizen forgets and needs reminders that chain migrations' impact is huge It sickens me that other elected congressperson have been lazy or not enough spine to write the bill to end chain migration. Does lazy with tunnel vision come to mind.
John 8509 of CA's picture
Unfortunately this won't get past the Senate, but I wonder if instead of eliminating the family categories, requirements were added that the immigrants have at least a High School education, be able to read and speak English, and have legal immigrant (not amnestied illegal) sponsors, maybe then it would pass?
Paul 3986 of CO's picture
Want to commend Congressman Gingrey from Georgia for introducing and supporting this cogent and vital chain immigration bill, Please also support E-verify, a temporary seasonal worker program, would of course be acceptable, please also support birthright legislation and end "anchor" citizenship.
Andrew 0312 of PA's picture
This is a blockbuster solution to a little known but huge financial impact immigration related expense caused by the parents of immigrants who get status through their children. The Parents are coming to the USA in large and ever increasing numbers only for the purpose of getting public assistance in all its forms. I saw it first hand while working in DHS USCIS immigration services and did not know about this because it was silently occurring. The legislative fix is in H.R. 477 mainly due to the elimination of the "Parents" chain migration access that we have today. Don’t keep people from seeing their parents but you do need to avoid and legally prevent their access to “free” medical care and food stamps, housing, cash welfare, etc which they get access to within one year of coming to America on immigrant visas. I worked in immigration for 8 years and the biggest threat to our fiscal budgets comes from the giveaway of public benefits to the parents of immigrants. The immigrant communities know how the scam works and they all quickly apply for and get onto various State and Federal public benefits programs. Phase one is apply for and get Medicaid, TANF, food stamps and subsidized housing, energy assistance, etc. – “because you have no income” despite having hidden assets they don’t declare on the benefits applications knowing they are safely hidden in their home country. This occurs within the first year of immigration. Phase II of the process is early retirement while they are in an age 50+ range courtesy of the USA taxpayers by obtaining "SSI" disability and then permanent disability plus medical care using State and Federal Public Benefits programs. It is a costly joke and lapse of legislative oversight this occurs. The folks I examined get a FEE WAIVER (I-912, Request for Fee Waiver) to apply for their immigration benefits all the way to and including citizenship and free medical help used in filing an N-648 (N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions) Medical Waiver so no proof of English or History knowledge is required to become a citizen. The Parents of immigrants are driven to become citizens not out of love for country or freedom to prosper from their work. They seek to become a citizen to sell their vote and make permanent their access to public benefits like Social Security. You DO NOT have to work to get social security retirement – the laws changed and the SSI benefits plus State funded programs are what parents of immigrants flock to the USA to obtain. We give away lifetime retirement benefits to recent immigrants while born in the USA citizens have to work to pay for their retirement and medical care. Even though there are laws designed to prevent or stop the initial welfare programs applications the immigrants find there is no – and I do mean ZERO enforcement of these laws - no one in Federal or State law enforcement feels responsible to stop or prosecute those who sign up for and get the complete public benefits packages without ever working in the USA or paying any taxes. Their children wash their hands of any financial responsibility for their parents as soon as Mom and Dad can be set up in independent paid for by your taxes housing. The children feel they have given their parents the perfect gift that keeps on giving – financial assistance in all its public benefits splendor gratis – but paid for by tax payers and the growing financial Federal and State budget deficits. Some Parents even return to their home country letting their children administer the USA based direct deposit bank account process. This legislation is the BIG and much needed fix - I truly pray it gets traction and is enacted ASAP. This should be at the top of our legislative changes required to keep the USA alive and well because it is causing us to financially die a slow death. Immigrants do not understand how or why we are providing these generous resources but only know it is here and they are free to come and get it – with what almost looks like encouragement by our government through free no fee immigration forms and unquestioned public benefits access – just fill in the form and submit it to get benefits their home countries will not provide. You will find this to have a huge impact because the elderly coming to the USA using their children’s immigration status are in their peak years for generating a lot of medical care expenses that we foolishly give away despite the enormous unnecessary cost. Please support this bill!! I am willing to give congressional testimony on this huge scam since I was the Federal Officer administering the final reviews of their applications for eight years. I quit because I did not want to be part of the wrongful administration of these obsolete in need of change laws.
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Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Thanks for the info. This makes me furious because IL is trying to cut PAID pensions of current retirees who worked 30-40 yrs. The governor says it's more important to pay welfare benefits than pensions, even though we paid into our pensions.

Hector 6547 of TX's picture
IL taxpaying citizens should tell their Governor,you work for us we put you in office,defund the welfare programs for illegals stop the needless waste of taxpayer money.
Becky 4503 of IL's picture
That explains all the elderly asian and eastern european immigrants I see shopping in the stores. Most don't know a word of english, either. I wondered how they got approved to immigrate over here. Now I know. Our own elderly parents can't get assistance from our government without a fight and a lot of red tape and they are the ones that worked all their lives here and some FOUGHT for this country!! Unbelievable!!!
Rachel 8677 of TX's picture
Thank you for being a true American with a conscience. I myself worked for a State entity and know first hand about how illegals are raping our system. I was just telling my friend about how I was working for Head Start and as I was assisting an illegal with an application for their son to be in the program, the woman turned in the application and I ran after her because she forgot her son's artwork and lo and behold, she was driving a brand spanking new Nissan Titan. Wow. Our system needs fixing when an American citizen is walking and using public transportation while an illegal is taking advantage of everything they can get their hands on. This will stop, it is wrong. I am sitting here typing with a major toothache and in serious pain, I am on public assistance and our hospitals and dental programs are crowded with these people to the point that the soonest I can get assistance is on June 20th. In the meantime, I am unemployed and would like to get back to work! How am I going to get back to work with this extremely painful toothache! I will do my best to bring awareness to this issue!
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Hector 6547 of TX's picture
Many of the illegal immigrant women that are already here are having their babies in government funded hospitals at the expense of every taxpayer in this country, it is time for every American Citizen to wake up, let your State Senator know how you feel about this and demand to stop this. This is and outrage and a slap in the face.
Steven 7678 of TX's picture

"Border Control Bill" All non-citizens in the USA must have and carry a legal passport at all times. All passport must stamped when entering and leaving the US, also while here be updated every with a stamp every 30 days. And non-citizen found to be without passport will never be able to return to the USA ever.

Susan 4412 of MI's picture
Look at illegal immigration and chain migration and bring it down to your home and family. Please put this word picture in your head -Would allow strangers into your home without you having a say? Think about . . . the government leaders that have made the laws, signed the laws; published and taught the laws in each state costing the hard-working citizens billions for this process. But the Washington liberal bureaucrats says, oops it is OK, let in the illegals in. We will make it "all good". Last I looked there are laws that people cannot come into your home; eat your family food, use your home illegally giving your children and family less. You have 3 part time jobs, but your husband lost his 16 months ago. He cannot work, but you and your family MUST ignore laws and let the illegals into your home, not because you did anything wrong - those in your home were illegal and you are to say, poor thing. You broke the law and we must make this up to you? Hard-working legal American families have no say to "illegal's"; over crowding schools, over crowding hospitals. Hard-working American Citizens have no say about safety, manners; rules that you have for your children are ignored with a pass from the Washington elite. The government in far-a-way Washington can pontificate, debate we have to be nice, fair. Is it fair to dismiss rules and laws? It is fair when our elected Leaders undermine laws, procedures, consequences lowering the standards for all America. Frankly, why have rules? Truly if the government, the courts can find reasons not to follow laws, by dismissing, ignoring, refusing, stalling with the weak courts allow this. Stop using taxpayer money to make a law, train and publish a law if no one is expected to follow laws. Many in Washington do work tirelessly to enforce the constitution. Thank you to these leaders who don't just talk the talk, but they (as a good parent ) model what they expect citizens and children to do - follow the laws. Do you think your children will ever follow your rules again when you parent, (elected leader role model) feel, no big deal everyone does it. This is our leadership in Washington now? Not good models, and truly if law breaking is what you model then welcome to a corrupt nation of children and others who look to the adults for ethics, strength, protection . . . . and then the children, and teenagers, adults laugh because you mean nothing to them. The citizens and children do as they like. Do the leaders not read or hear we do not have enough jobs now, healthcare for legal citizens? Our debt and the interest we pay is awful, but no big deal let in 11 million more people? Does Leadership Washington not see the consequences of providing more with less? - loss of heath care now, we do not have jobs for our legal citizens, our schools are stressed with overcrowding (disrespect brought on by "blame the teachers" not expect accountability by parents who use taxpayer money to support them. Stop ignoring our laws; stop shaming good American citizens. Washington has a job duty to protect our honest law abiding citizens; protect our borders and protect this nation as you would protect your home.
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