The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers has issue a press release announcing that the group rejects the immigration proposals from both Pres. Obama and the Senate's Gang of Eight. NAFBPO said the amnesty proposals reward illegal behaviour and offer "unenforceable" provisions. 

In its release, NAFBO said:

NAFBPO rejects the President's proposal out of hand. It is unacceptable in that it contains not so much as a nod to immigration enforcement or a secure border. It is predicated upon administration claims that the border is secure now, or at least, secure enough. That claim is at best wishful thinking but is more likely willful misdirection of the public's opinion of the situation. A study of Border Patrol operations by the Government Accountability Office indicates that the Border Patrol is about 60% effective, a deplorable figure even if accurate. NAFBPO members maintain contacts with many field officers and managers currently on active duty in the Border Patrol and in most areas those officers tell that at best, they catch only 10% of those who try to enter illegally. Those facts are stifled by higher management because they do not support the administration's narrative that the border is under control.

Superficially, the Senate proposal is the least objectionable in that the amnesty proposed for unnumbered millions of illegal aliens is predicated upon a demonstrably secure border. That, however, lacks much. We ask, by what measure is the border to be called secure? That must be addressed. And, why is there no mention made of interior enforcement other than employer penalties for hiring illegal aliens? For example, the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs (ICE) agents have been forbidden to work cooperatively with other law enforcement officers except on high-level criminal investigations even though a substantial amount of crime and public harm is committed by illegal aliens. Unless convicted of a crime of violence, most illegal aliens are released back into the community. Furthermore, illegal aliens are not generally eligible for most means-tested welfare but that prohibition has been largely flouted. That should be stopped, but there are no efforts in that direction. In short, illegal aliens need not fear arrest or deportation from anyone.

NAFBPO's fundamental objection to both plans, though, comes from this sad fact: the President and his administration have proven themselves unworthy of trust. Congress may pass what it will but it should do so with the certain knowledge that the President will pick and choose what laws or portions of laws he wishes to enforce. And based on his demonstrable record, we may be sure that any enforcement provisions will be ignored while the results of another amnesty will be with us for many decades.

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Updated: Tue, Feb 5th 2013 @ 4:29pm EST