New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson


In response to the killing of Arizona Ranger Robert Frentz, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has ordered the National Guard to help patrol the border. Reports from New Mexico say that the troops will assist Border Patrol by setting up surveillance in the war against drug smugglers.

"We stand ready to support federal and local law enforcement to make sure the southern border of New Mexico stays safe and secure," Lt. Col. Jamison Herrera said.

The move of troops comes in response to concerns raised by New Mexico residents who live along the border. Long-time Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was shot and killed by a suspected illegal alien on his border last weekend.

"I want residents in Southern New Mexico to know we are taking this border violence very seriously by adding the National Guard presence along with state, local and federal law enforcement patrols along the border," Richardson said in a statement.

Past efforts of the National Guard in New Mexico have proven to be successful.

"When the National Guard has gone to the Bootheel, there was a decrease [in trafficking activity]", Hidalgo County Commissioner Harold Kuenstler said. "They have a high presence and visibility, and entries slowed down."

A few weeks ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry activated some units from the Texas Military Guard to help patrol sections of the border between El Paso and Brownsville. The move was the first part of a classified plan initiated by Gov. Perry to prevent drug-violence spillover into Texas.

For NumbersUSA activists living in a border state, there may be new faxes on your Action Board.

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Updated: Thu, Apr 8th 2010 @ 10:49am EDT