Over 150 million of the world's adults say they would like to move to the U.S., according to Gallup, making the U.S. the most desired destination for potential migrants. 
About 13% of the world's adults or more than 640 million people say they would like to leave their country permanently. 
In addition to the nearly one in 30 adults worldwide who would like to permanently relocate to the U.S., large numbers are attracted to the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Saudi Arabia. 
Potential migrants who say they would like to move to the U.S. are most likely to come from populous countries such as China, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil.  
Gallup finds that potential migrants aspire to move is because they are in search of opportunity. Opportunity could mean the chance to join family members who are already in other countries, to start a new business, to express one's views without fear, or to live where children are treated with respect.
NumbersUSA president Roy Beck reflects on these findings by looking at the numbers.
"Most of our opponents who want to increase annual green cards to 1.5 million, means even our opponents are 'shutting' about 99% of the 150 million who want to move here right now," Beck said.
Beck says by looking at the percentages, there is not much of a difference between the current amount of immigrants coming in per year and the goal number for NumbersUSA.
"People who support the status quo of 1 million immigrants a year are shutting out 99.35% of the people wanting to come here," said Beck, " We want around 250,000 immigrants a year, which means we want to shut out 99.85%."
Beck even says, when looking at the numbers and percentages, there is not much difference between NumbersUSA and its pro-Amnesty opponents.
"When it comes to shutting people out and closing the door, the difference between NumbersUSA and most of the groups that oppose us is really only the difference between 99.00% and 99.85%. Let bishops of the various denominations who constantly push for more green cards consider those percentages when they decide who is inhospitable.  The fact is, that nearly everybody -- including the bishops if you could get them to be honest -- are restrictionists when it comes to immigration.  It is just that the American people are a bit more restrictionist than their political, media and religious leaders," Beck said.  
Gallup's results are based on aggregated telephone and face-to-face interviews with 452,199 adults, aged 15 and older, in 151 countries from 2009 to 2011. The 151 countries surveyed represent 97% of the world's adult population.
For more information and to view charts of Gallup's findings, click here.   

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Updated: Thu, Apr 26th 2012 @ 12:31pm EDT