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  by  Roy Beck

According to Pres. Biden in last week's State of the Union address, "EVERYONE from labor unions to religious leaders to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce" supports his "immigration reform."

Apparently, African American voters aren't part of his "everyone."

Polling of Black voters, for example, finds overwhelming OPPOSITION to chain migration which Biden's Build Back Better legislation would expand to millions of illegal foreign workers. The BBB bill is what the President means by "immigration reform." Each amnestied illegal alien would be given a path to apply for the admission of all their adult children, their parents, and their brothers and sisters, with each of them being able to petition for their spouses who could petition for their parents, brothers and sisters, and on and on. (See our video illustration here.)

Mercifully, the Senate has not yet voted on the bill which the House has already approved.

Throughout 2021 while the House was considering and then passing that incredible expansion of the chain migration spiderweb, Rasmussen Reports surveyed 3,130 Black "likely voters." Here is the chain migration question:

(QUESTION) Do you favor legal immigrants being allowed to bring with them only a spouse and minor children, or do you favor them also eventually bringing in other adult relatives in a process that can include extended family and their spouses' families?

Black voters' answers?

57% opposed allowing any immigrant to bring or petition for any family other than spouse and minor children.

32% approved the chain migration of extended family (although it is unknown how many of them would agree with Pres. Biden's proposal to offer the chain migration to millions of illegal aliens).

That was a +25% overall opposition.

With more than 3,000 survey responses, the 2021 results for all the subgroups of Black voters are reliable. And they show that Pres. Biden doesn't come close to getting the support for his chain migration expansion from any subgroup of African American voters.

Opposition to continuing any kind of chain migration was:

+43 for Black men (67%-24%)
+17 for Black women (52%-35%)

+16 for young Black voters (52%-36%)
+33 for middle-age Black voters (61%-28%)
+30 for Black seniors (59%-29%)

+38 for Black conservatives (64%-26%)
+28 for Black moderates (58%-30%)
+14 for Black liberals (53%-39%)

+30 for Black college graduates (61%-31%)
+20 for Black voters without a college degree (52%-32%)

+33 for Black evangelicals (60%-27%)
+25 for Black Protestants (59%-34%)
+32 for Black Catholics (63%-31%)
+20 for all other Black voters (53%-33%)

+22 for Blacks in big cities (55%-33%)
+31 for suburban Blacks (62%-31%)
+25 for those in small cities and rural areas (56%-31%)

+28 for Blacks with incomes under $100,000 (58%-30%)
+22 for Blacks with incomes $100,000 and above (58%-36%)

Continuing to abandon the invisible Black voters.

As I explain in my book BACK OF THE HIRING LINE, Congress in 1990 voted to abandon any pretense of interest in carefully designing immigration policy so it would not harm the ability of the Black underclass to gain jobs and increase income. Congress showed the same disdain for the descendants of American slavery when it rejected Barbara Jordan's recommendations to end chain migration in 1996.

In his address to Congress last week, Pres. Biden's lack of sensitivity to the needs and wishes of Black voters just continued the 30-year tradition of Washington's economic abandonment.

The poll by Rasmussen Reports last month of around 150 Black voters found that their opposition to chain migration has grown even stronger: 64%-23%, a +41 overall disapproval.

Grassroots online platforms are hearing increasing dismay from descendants of American slavery that federal immigration policies continue to favor the extended relatives of immigrants -- even illegal immigrants -- over the economic needs of the nuclear families of Black Americans with centuries of roots in this country.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

Updated: Fri, Jul 1st 2022 @ 9:31am EDT

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