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A few days after the Twitter Spaces event "How Does Immigration Benefit Black Americans" trended #1 on the social media site, Pamela Denise Long hosted Roy Beck for two sessions to discuss his book Back of the Hiring Line: A 200-year history of immigration surges, employer bias, and the depression of Black wealth. The two sessions together run 13 hours and have been listened to close to 10,000 times.

In an interview on Rising, Long said immigration is a "can of worms," and a big reason why Democrats are losing Black voters.

Mark Krikorian calls the book a "roadmap" for political realignment. His review is running in National Review (paywall) and the New York Post (no paywall).

Frank Morris, ​​former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, praises Back of the Hiring Line, and says politicians in both parties that give "lip service" to Black Americans should:

...listen to generations of civil rights leaders who've all recognized that the best way to boost Black Americans' fortunes is to ensure tight labor markets. That requires stemming the influx of foreign workers."

T. Willard Fair, Executive Director of the Urban League of Miami, calls the book a "validation" of the concerns he and other Black leaders have been saying for decades.

Naturalist Karen Shragg has advice for environmentalists who have ethical concerns about immigration reduction: read Back of the Hiring Line.

As Beck points out so clearly, restricting immigration, when it has happened over the years, improves the chances for employment and economic advancement for African Americans," Shragg writes. "Just making employers follow the law and hire US citizens as well as restricting visas would help. This would help save jobs for Americans especially those who have been shoved to the back of the hiring line. The Florida Panther, the Lesser Prairie Chicken, the Monarch Butterfly and so many other species suffering from overpopulation's bulldozers will be thankful too."

See the book's website and YouTube channel for more mentions of the book, including how the book has been used to testify against state and local efforts to curtail immigration enforcement.

One of the book's themes is that by reforming immigration policy in the interests of the descendants of American slaves and Freedmen, Congress would help all Americans whose economic opportunities have been stifled - if not as much as Black Americans - by mass immigration.

Manuel A. Rosales, an immigrant from Nicaragua, agrees:

Who gets hurt by open borders? U.S. Latinos, Black, brown and white. They lose jobs because of shadow economy wages often found in immigrant-heavy industries such as farming, meat packing and construction. That's why E-Verify remains a must-have national policy."

"What about those unfilled jobs?"

Many in the establishment media have bought into the expansionist idea that the millions of job openings demonstrate the need for more foreign workers, not less. Yet if the labor force participation rate could rise to the level it was during President Obama's first year in office, all of those jobs could be filled. How quickly we give up on our fellow Americans.

ICYMI - The worst border surge in U.S. history continues...

The border surge hasn't captured the media's attention the way a smaller surge did just a few years ago, but the wrong kind of records continue to be broken. The end of 2021 marked the worst December on record.

Linda Huhn has a blistering critique of the cruel policies that pass for "compassion" these days:

Barely covered in the press is how Biden's double message incentive has made human smuggling very lucrative. Let's demand a deep investigation with full press coverage into this smuggler's connections and apprehension of all others responsible, nationally and internationally. We the people deserve to know the full human effects of our government's policies. Whatever members of the press personally believe about illegal immigration, they need to do their job of providing citizens with facts.

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