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Let's get beyond impressions and general attitudes about the Democratic front-runners' positions on immigration issues.

We wanted to know how each candidate's immigration positions would loosen or tighten the labor supply and affect market pressures to raise wages and recruit from underutilized U.S. populations.

To what extent does each candidate side with corporations seeking easier-to-hire foreign labor or with under-served American populations needing to be recruited?

Do they favor enforcement to protect workers from having to compete with illegal workers?

We have sought actual evidence of where the top Democratic presidential candidates stand on dozens of immigration issues affecting Americans who aren't doing so well in this economy.

Just before the third set of nationally televised Democratic debates, we are unveiling our "Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Card." We have provided this service to voters every presidential campaign since 2008.

You can view the 2020 Prez Grid here:

We will update it weekly based on any new statements from the Democratic candidates.

Our Prez Grid focuses on the 7 candidates whose Real Clear Politics average polling number exceeded the 2% mark on Sep. 1.

That includes in alphabetical order Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang.

(As a Republican Primary becomes more clarified, we will rate and grade its candidates on the same criteria.)


Our Prez Grid Team has combed through the transcripts of the first two debates, candidate websites, news clippings from the campaign trail, and past records as office holders.

We have divided all the immigration issues that affect labor market competition for American workers into 11 categories and provided a rating in each category for each candidate.

Based on those 11 ratings, we have assigned an overall grade.

An "A" grade indicates a champion for a tighter labor market and more pressure to recruit and raise wages for American workers. An "F" grade indicates a champion for a looser labor market to help corporations hold down wages for workers and costs for consumers.


We know that people vote for candidates based on many issues, not just immigration. And on issues of character and experience.

Our role in each election cycle is to help voters know where candidates stand on the single issue of immigration. NumbersUSA never endorses any candidate, at any level. We simply educate the public on their immigration positions.

It is important that all candidates know how much their supporters want an immigration flow that is more moderate than today's.

Click on the photo of any candidate in our Prez Grid to bring up the candidate's individual immigration page and one or more ways to get in touch with that candidate.

It isn't always easy to communicate WITH candidates who like much more to communicate TO us. But give it a try,

More to say later.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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