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  by  Christy Shaw

"In the end, the only way wealthy states can 'solve' the [migration] problem is to make regular avenues of migration easier."–Kelsey Norman, Foreign Affairs, 2022

Let me get this straight. According to Norman, more mass immigration is the solution to already having too much immigration???

It is vitally important that we Americans continue to stand against this onslaught of misleading propaganda, exposing it for what it really is –-yet another elitist diatribe to push massive and limitless immigration-driven consumption. This extreme slant to deviously disguise open borders immigration policies as compassion is anything but compassionate. There is no regard for genuine care for any person, be they migrant or native-born. There is no concern whatsoever for what is left in the wake of this propaganda's destructive path regarding impact to the health and quality of our communities, wildlife or wages.

There are two glaringly obvious missing factors in this writer's "equation" which, I believe, are intentional:

  • A complete and total disregard for law and order, where without it, a society can accomplish nothing in the way of protecting, defending or providing freedom and equality for its people.
  • No consideration or accountability for the fact that a true and honest measure of "outsourcing" must include what we all are losing to mass immigration's negative impact and opportunity costs are on the destruction, and in many cases, permanent loss of biodiversity and the rising unrest that is occurring with increasing economic inequality in the so-called "rich" countries.

We can debate all day long about "rich" countries v. "poor" with regards to how these more developed countries may or may not have been responsible for the rise of authoritarian regimes in poorer developing countries, the pillaging and theft of their natural resources, and even their peoples throughout history. But this circular discussion used to shame "rich" countries like the European Union (the primary target of this article) and certainly the United States, is a cleverly-worded veil over the real agenda of those who pretend to care about anyone at all, including migrants, who they use as convenient pawns in their greedy chess game of ponzi demography.

Roy's new book, Back of the Hiring Line, shows just how egregiously high immigration has threatened the rise of Black Americans in the United States to fulfill their own well-earned and well-deserved pursuit of happiness. And this onslaught against Black and all American labor continues nearly unabated for over 30 years. President Biden postures loudly about helping minorities, but for he and those eagerly pushing his agenda, the immigration floodgates are still not open widely enough. Joe Guzzardi shines a bright light on this decades-long hypocrisy of how our failed immigration policies continue to entice more people to come to the U.S. while at the same time administrations for the past 30 years have simultaneously thrown (away) billions more in funding to the sending countries despite seeing little to no improvements:

As of early January 2022, the White House has given no indication that it will stop the huge inflow — a record high 1.7 million-plus during 2021 — of mainly poor, unskilled and under-educated migrants. Few fault migrants for wanting to improve their lives. But the unasked and therefore unanswered question is what will happen to education, health care, housing and myriad social challenges if, as appears probable, those waves of migrants continue coming. The latest Census Bureau data indicates that the U.S. has 37 million people that it classifies as living in poverty, and millions of Americans unemployed or underemployed. Struggling Americans are nowhere on the Biden administration’s radar.

We must also add to Guzzardi's comments the enormous impact that these massive increases are having to the loss of wildlife and destruction of habitat and ecosystems. This matters, not solely for the lamentable loss of their beauty and outdoor recreational entertainment value for people. It matters especially for what the loss means over time to the survival needs and quality for ALL life, ours included.

Regardless of human skin color or cultural differences, we all have a stake in ensuring equitable, effective and good quality in our social services, investment in good-paying jobs and nature for the health and well-being of ourselves and our families. Any counselor will tell you that it is not selfish or wrong to care for oneself first before we can begin to take meaningful action that lifts up others.

And I'm just going to say it plainly. National sovereignty and the ability to effectively provide all of the above can only be done within a country's clearly defined borders. Whatever issues I've mentioned here that would get the tiresome response of "well that's a global problem", I say to that person: "Yes, but real effective change happens through local examples." In this case, "local" is defined as being within the national borders of the United States' 2.5 billion acres that are rapidly disappearing to build yet one more housing development.

Population growth driven almost entirely by immigration, is depressing American workers' wages. We are allowing ourselves to be eco-shamed into smaller and more costlier housing. We are allowing ourselves to be squeezed into increasingly congested and dangerous traffic conditions. We are waiting longer for our medical care appointments. Our children's friendships and psychological well-being are rezoned to accommodate the insatiable housing developer's greed for more, More, MORE.

NumbersUSA's sprawl studies reveal just how egregiously immigration-driven population growth is affecting diminishing returns on our overall quality of life.

It can be both true that countries can, and probably should, share resources and other diplomatic services to lift one another up, but also be moral, ethical and just in protecting its own people. And to achieve this, realistic and sustainable immigration policies must also be part of planning and discussion when determining what numerical level of immigration the United States should choose.

Without this, we lie to ourselves by allowing multi-national corporate greed to manipulate both the well-being of ourselves and of migrants. Furthermore, we continue to accept the threat to our nation's sovereignty and to the biodiversity within our borders that supports us, our wildlife and overall health and happiness. We owe it to ourselves to preserve and protect the very reasons people from other places want to come here in the first place! The pursuit of happiness!! Real compassion begins in the backyard of our own communities where we balance aid to other countries with how much we are doing to protect, defend and improve the lives of our family, friends and neighbors right here at home.

CHRISTY SHAW is the Member Services Manager for NumbersUSA

Updated: Fri, Jul 1st 2022 @ 9:31am EDT

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