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The Warning Light Is On

By Andrew Good

We now know that Republicans will have control of the House of Representatives, and Democrats will have the edge in the Senate. And “Whoa, Nellie“… We know immigration was one of the top issues this year. Poll after poll before the election indicated it. Exit polls were even clearer. In the end, immigration just couldn’t … Continued

POLL: Black voters strongly oppose ‘labor shortage’ arguments of Biden, biz lobbies, all congressional Democrats and some Republicans

By Roy Beck

Black voters are not buying the Biden Administration’s insistence that the nation faces a severe labor shortage that requires the massive increases in work permits for immigrants and other foreign workers contained in his Build Back Better proposals. A national poll released this week by Rasmussen Reports found “likely voters” who identified as “Black” have … Continued

Now They Tell Us: Immigration a Hot Topic Post-Election

By Jeremy Beck

Brian Norris and Anita Kumar join the throng of political observers noting the palatable absence of immigration during the 2020 campaign: Immigration dominated the 2016 presidential campaign, but Joe Biden’s promise during the second debate to “within a hundred days … send to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million … Continued

Limiting Immigration is About Jobs and Opportunity, Something All Americans Care About

By Christy Shaw

Remember this conversation from just a few weeks ago? Seems Jonah Goldberg will get that last laugh since he thought Trump’s election was “a remote possibility” but he posed the question “What if Trump were re-elected thanks to the support from Hispanics?” Here’s what Goldberg wrote on September 11. “The biggest worry for the Biden … Continued

More Listening, Less Labeling: The ‘Hispanic’ vote is AGAIN not about MORE Immigration…and BOTH parties still don’t get it

By Christy Shaw

Jonah Goldberg asks and answers his own question: So why would I enjoy it if Hispanics voted decisively for Trump? Because it would make some people look like idiots and force pretty much everyone to re-think their locked-in positions on not just immigration, but identity politics in general. I agree with him, at least what … Continued

POLL: Lop-sided majorities in 31 Toss Up districts want caravans kept out & legal immigration numbers reduced

By Roy Beck

With all the sensational campaign coverage of immigration issues this month, NumbersUSA commissioned Pulse Opinion Research to find out how those issues are affecting the views of likely midterm voters in congressional districts with the closest races. Those are the races that will determine which Party controls the U.S. House of Representatives. CARAVANS FROM CENTRAL … Continued