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It’s Groundhog Day Again for U.S. Tech Workers Seeking Sanity at the D.C. Circuit

By Chris Chmielenski

Well, it’s Groundhog Day, again. And if you want a weather prediction for U.S. workers: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be gray, and it’s gonna last you the rest of your life. You can’t say that American workers aren’t trying to save themselves when their elected representatives are asleep at the wheel. Last year, … Continued

The Battle for the Soul of the Judiciary has Commenced

By Chris Chmielenski

In my opinion, the Judiciary Branch is the most vital institution in the government. It is before a judge that even the most powerful government official has no privilege or protection except the same laws that apply to everyone. It is in the Judiciary that laws passed by the people become manifest. In courts, only … Continued

Big Case Brewing That Could Shake the Foundation of Biden’s Immigration Policy Agenda

By Chris Chmielenski

While the main focus at the moment is on a pending massive amnesty for millions in a budget reconciliation bill, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has voted for a rehearing on an extremely important immigration challenge from Texas that could shake the foundation of the entire Biden immigration policy agenda.1 Congress passing amnesty is … Continued